: 96 ETC code problems

02-27-04, 11:10 PM
hey guys,
new to owning a caddy here and new to the boards, Just bought a 96 etc, all the options, and 300hp engine, leather interior, no spots, chips scratches, no tears in leather, ( some normal wear on driver seat but hardly noticable) carpets and leather all looks new like day it was made dont think anyone else ever sat in back or passenger side and clean as can be. is the pearl white with oyster leather interior. BUT it has 239k miles, still drives llike the day it came out of showroom awesome response, shifting and acceleration. paid 4,200 bucks was told was extremely cheap even for the miles. Best car I ever had alot of power and excellent handling. it was a lease vehical and seems well maintained. Anyways I ran the code check though the climate countrol and came up with these codes:


also I keep seeing check coolant level and check oil level in the instrument cluster but both are full.

Any of this stuff I should worry about? and anyone know the codes?

Thanks alot in advance for any help.

03-01-04, 11:05 PM
hrmm, any ideas of where to look to get these codes? what I need to replace? looked all over the net and dont seem to find the correct ones a list somone else gave me was all diff. like p0234 one letter and 4 numbers I have 2 letters and 4 numbers and just cant find any info.

Thanks again,

Also took the car in for an oil change and was told I have a mid crank case oil leak, is this the half case leak I read about? I was told really not to worry about it.


03-02-04, 12:37 PM
I wouldn't worry about the LCC leak...it will never be more than an oily spot on the block.

ac1341...air mix door #2 movement problem
tc0027...left front wheel speed sensor circuit continuity fault
tc0037...left rear wheel speed sensor circuit continuity fault
pz1981...battery volts low
pz2470...day time running lamps fault
pz2042...loss of ABS/TCS serial data communications
rf2560...RFA message validation error

The air mix door might indicate a temp control problem with the HVAC system on the RH side

The wheel speed sensors will disable the traction control and the ABS system. May be a loose connector, damaged wire or cable or a failing wheel speed sensor. The sensors are integral with the bearing hub so the wheel bearing will have to be replaced to replace the sensor.

Do the daytime running lamps work or did someone pull the fuse causing the code..???

Other codes may be because of the wheel speed sensor failures.

If the cooling system has not been maintained it would be a good idea to drain and refill with fresh 50/50 DexCool/distilled water.

Check the water pump drive belt and tensioner at the rear of the engine. There is a separate belt drive for the water pump that will probably need a new belt and lubing the tensioner to make sure it is working correctly.

Read the posts above about cleaning the throttle body and EGR valve.

Really not much to do to the car even with all those miles...

03-02-04, 12:51 PM
Also sounds like the oil level switch and the low coolant switch may need replacing. Not too uncommon for them to fail at those miles. The oil level sensor/switch is in the oil pan and is easily replaced by unscrewing it ... the coolant level switch is in the pressurized surge tank for the coolant.

03-02-04, 09:21 PM
yes the daytime running lamps work, and I had the cooling system flushed and refilled with dex cool and oil change done with normal oil from cad dealer not to bad going there having oil change done for 29.95. Ill check into those sensors and replace them oil, and wheel and coolant. Any guesses why low voltage? anyways like I said before the car runs perfect no issues just want to fix the minor things to bring it back a bit like new.

Thanks for your help

03-02-04, 11:13 PM
Generator may be getting tired with that miles....I would drive it for awhile to see that it is charging correctly and such before changing the generator.

03-04-04, 11:08 PM
all those codes could be from the low voltage. are they history codes or current? clear them, run the car, shut it off, turn it back on again, and see what pops back up.