: Disable Heated Seat Bottom Only?

c5 rv
10-27-06, 07:11 PM
Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the seat bottom heater and leave only the seat back heater working? My truck has separate controls and with my back, I like having the heat on. But, I can't stand sitting on a hot bottom. Maybe something as simple as unplugging a jack in the seat and wrapping it in electrical tape?

10-29-06, 06:04 PM
I'm not sure about the SRX, but I just did the replacement on my Seville for the bottom element. The way it works on that is that they are in a circuit, and if one is not working, the back will not work either. You would most likely need to modify the wiring instead of just unplugging it.

c5 rv
10-29-06, 06:28 PM
Yeah, you may be right. I took a look under the seat and there are two plugs. On appears to be for the side airbags and the other huge one for everything else.