: 95 Eldo Aftermarket head unit install

10-27-06, 06:24 PM
Alright, I'm replacing the base radio/cassette unit with an aftermarket Sony unit. I gathered from these forums that there's actually a remote reciever in the trunk, so I got the correct harness adapter from www.integrationsolutions.net (http://www.integrationsolutions.net). My question is: the adapter harness doesn't have provisions for the factory dash controller (not needed), but what about the connection for the E&C Data Bus? Can I just take the factory trunk unit out alltogether, and leave the E&E Data bus connector hanging free? The adapter harness is really just for the power; ground; speakers, and antenna, right?

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10-29-06, 06:45 AM
You need to talk to "CadillacETC1997"

10-29-06, 10:38 AM
I was hoping he would chime in!:confused:

10-30-06, 07:56 AM
^^ I pm'ed him to read this thread.

10-30-06, 08:45 AM
ok now back up
have you actually looked in the trunk unit yet?
thought ive not actually worked on a 95 base unit i am thinking that if you have the base hu (not bose or bose gold) it should be a straight up swap and no receive box problems should be involved with it. with the bose systems there was no true harness up front in the radio and for the bypass you unplug it from the receiver box, plug in the new harness, run it up to your dash and start connecting your wires to your new hu. You have obd1 and pre data class 2 so d/c the box should have no ill affects. on my car the harness can be used up front that plugs into the radio but you must buy a data class 2 harness and run your own constant power wire.
in short no you should have NO issues with diagnostics or warning lights if you d/c box and plug in your adapter and run the wires up for your new radio.

and fyi sorry ive been absent

10-30-06, 05:09 PM
Thanks for your help. I was going to PM ya, but I just didn't want to bother you. I know you are busy helping lots of people on this forum. My car definately has just the bese AM/FM cassette player, not Bose, active or any of that stuff. There's 2 6x9's in the back deck, and one each 51/4 speaker/seperate tweeter in the doors. In the trunk, right behind the antenna is the remote radio reciever. The adapter harness I got from Integrationsolutions is actually just an extended version of the one you get from Crutchfirld-BestBuy or anywhere else. I'll keep ya posted.

10-30-06, 05:22 PM
I got some real nice 6x9s for ya if you want them, $75 shipped.

10-30-06, 05:31 PM
I got Bostons for the doors, and the deck thanks.

10-30-06, 06:04 PM
yes base it is then
you shouldnt have ANY problems
however i will list this advice
when feeding that harness up to the dash make sure to avoid any power sources. if you do you will get heavy static and whining noises.
i notice you live in western pa?
if thats the case and you have any issues i live out in Pittsburgh PA and would be glad to help you for free with any part of the install.

10-30-06, 08:02 PM
Thanks for the offer! I live just outside Pittsburgh, in Bridgeville, right off I-79. I might just take you up on your offer. Unfortunately, now there's some other issues. I had disconnected the battery during the install. I ran the adapter harness up to the front, laying my new head unit on the seat. I thought I'd throw everything together, and make sure everything works before I install it in the dash. Connected the bat, and hit the key......nothing. Power to the dash, all the gauges light up as normal, but the unit wouldn't power up. The ant DID go up, though. Also, no ignition. My lights flash, like the alarm is going off, but no horn. I don't think the 2 are related, though. I think the alarm might need to cycle through, somehow, and get reset. I'll take some time tomorrow after work to check thing out again. Man.....Cadillac doesn't make ANYTHING easy to work on!!!!

CadillacETC1997, I can't PM yet, so if you could call me I'd really appreciate it! 412-257-8086 Bill

10-30-06, 08:24 PM
your car is DEF going into security
do this again
and pull your codes
you can get them by pressing the temp up and the red temp button if you dont already know how to do so.

also things to try are to run your own temp power wire for now from the pos end of the battery
connect this to the yellow constant on the hu see if it powers up
if it doesnt then connect it to the red again see if it powers up
if it STILL doesnt come on run your own ground

also for future referance when you d/c your battery dont d/c both terminals just do the ground less you need to work on the power side to connect something.
1 of those three have to be the reason it wont power up.
figuring out which is the 1st step

believe me man i know
the727kid, dadillac, (some guy with a dts deville though i havent seen him in AGES!) and me have some serious systems in our car and it makes it all worth it but it takes serious money to be able to get everything to work well...

10-30-06, 08:47 PM
Yeah....I could be wrong, but I don't think the 2 are related. I don't think the security system problem would affect the Hu not powering up. I think I'll try to troubleshoot the security system first, then go on to the head unit. Thanks for all your help!! :worship: :worship:

10-30-06, 09:35 PM
believe it or not
it probably is
many people have had issues with replacing hus and having alarm and keyless entry issues.
like i said 1st step is to pull the codes!!!!

10-31-06, 06:12 AM
:thepan: Shit, man! Why does everything have to be so complicated! I'll pull the codes, I might even re-install the original hu to see if it powers up, it's still just a plug and play, so far.

10-31-06, 05:07 PM
ok, quick check after work tonight. Engine doesn't start, security light comes on, and goes out after 5 seconds. Codes are : P085 (I know about that one);I052; and P109.

10-31-06, 05:38 PM
clear them all
and see if any return

10-31-06, 05:42 PM
P109 (E109) ....... Keep Alive Memory (KAM) Reset/PCM has lost primary battery power

I052 .................................................. ..... Keep Alive Memory Error

those codes mean nothing more than you d/c the battery
check the battery terminals and make SURE THEY ARE TIGHT

also check to make sure your battery has enough charge

10-31-06, 05:56 PM
Battery reconnected, and on charge. Unplugged the adapter harness, reconnected the remote reciever in the trunk, and the factory head unit in the dash, it works like a charm! Car still won't start, the lights flash for the recommended time, like the alarm is tripped. Think I might just hace to let the system gain memory?? I know! I'ts not that simple!!!

10-31-06, 06:02 PM
like i said 1st clear all codes
are you sure you didnt blow any fuses per chance?
check them
i know you said the battery is reconnected and the terminals are tight but are the WIRES tight around the terminal?

10-31-06, 06:22 PM
Allright! I gotta ponder on this shit! Back in my drinkin days it would be time for shots a plenty! Now...maybe just a pepsi.Be back in a bit

10-31-06, 06:30 PM
good luck

11-01-06, 06:26 AM
Alright, here's my opinions on this as of now. I could be wrong, so please chime in. I think the security problem is separate from the hu problem. When I put the whole stock system back together, the radio worked perfect, even though the security system still won't let me start the car. I think the problem may be in the adapter harness. I get the feeling that the plug isn't making the correct contact with the factory harness plug. Any ideas on how to re-set the alarm system?

11-01-06, 07:07 AM
I would, before you get the aftermarket headunit in there, make sure you can start the car with the factory one. Sounds like you have another problem brewing.

Reset the alarm? I would honestly just disconnect the battery, connect back the original headunit, then reconnect the battery. See where that puts you. I have never heard on any car remembering what happend to it once the battery was disconnected.

11-01-06, 08:11 AM
JUst this morning, put the stock unit back in, hook it back up, and it works perfect. Antenna raises, radio tunes in good, but still, no start. The lights flash off, and on for 3 minuites, like the alarm has been tripped.:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

11-01-06, 03:03 PM
you may of fried something....
try another battery, weak batterys cause havoc on our cars

11-01-06, 06:50 PM
Isn't there a procedure for some kind of PASSKEY relearn, or alarm re-set?

11-01-06, 07:19 PM
not that i know off
passkey is a system that uses a resistor chip in the key
without the right chip it wont start but it will set a code and a message on the dic
theres no way to reset what chip your car uses other than to replace the ignition

11-01-06, 09:07 PM
I'm stumped

11-01-06, 09:11 PM
may be that time where the dealer gets involved...
you checked all the fuses under the hood and in the trunk?
you swapped the battery?
your sure all your cables ground starter alt and batt are tight?
no codes?

11-02-06, 05:34 AM
I'll regroup this weekend. I'm also installing a 2 post lift for myself in a shop I'm working in. My time is kind of spread out, right now.

11-04-06, 10:02 AM
UPDATE!!!! I got the car back to running condition!!! Seems there was an aftermarket alarm system tied into the factory alarm. I was in the process of following the wires to remove it, and found a re-set button. BINGO! Now.....back to the installation of the aftermarket unit!

11-04-06, 10:07 AM
well that explains how i had no idea
usually im real good at peggin system errors like that lol

11-04-06, 11:01 AM
Yea those aftermarket alarms are always a bitch. But when I know someone ****ing with my car from a few hundred yards away, it's all worth it.

11-04-06, 11:37 AM
Y'know, I was going to take it out, but I might just keep it! Got my aftermarket unit hooked up, and sounding good! Now.....I just have to put my dash, and everything back together! Man!!!! What a fight!!! Thanks everyone for all your input.:thumbsup: :worship:

11-05-06, 11:23 AM
Pics man when your done.