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10-27-06, 03:06 AM
When I was a young buck, we'd have these "Vicar and Tart" parties wherein all the guys would go dressed as priests and all the women as sluts or hookers. As the booze flowed, you wouldnt believe how easily people fell into their respective roles.......Damn those were good times!

another time I went as a BLT with a side order of fries - Won 1st prize that year. The costume was easy to make with foam rubber. Just cutout 2 large pieces in the shape of bread slices (toast them with a blow torch) and then some other ones that were shaped like tomatoe slices (painted red), bacon (painted brown stripes)and a bit of lettuce (painted green). Final touch was walking around with a half-dozen 3' x6" x6" foam rubber "fries" under my arm.

Then there was the year I went as "Gumby", all done up in a head=to=toe green foam rubber outfit. I had to be driven to the party in my friend's car 'cuz he had a moon roof and the big "Gumby head lump" had to stick out the top! Unfortunately, that costume fell apart halfway thru the party. Damn staples,,,,,

WORST costume was going as a pack of smokes. A cigarette dealer I knew gave me one of his advertising props that used to be displayed at corner stores. It was a 3' x 2' x 1' cardboard box shaped like a pack of 20 butts. I cut out the holes for my head and arms. Reason it was the WORST costume was that people would come by and place their drinks on the shoulders of the damn thing when they had to hit the can or went up on the dance floor. Left me standing around being more of an end table than anything else. Someone even placed a full ashtray on there. What fun!

Anyone else?

10-27-06, 08:14 AM
In high school I once put on a lab coat and had a stethoscope. One of the secutiry guards actually asked me to write him a script. I asked if he was serious, and he said "very". No wonder he was just the security guard.