View Full Version : Recommend a Carpet Shampoo

c5 rv
02-27-04, 07:08 PM
I have salt stains in the tan carpet of my CTS. What product do you recommend to get it out?

02-28-04, 08:59 AM
Turtle wax makes the one i used on my catera.
Those are before/after pics...and mind you i wasnt able to spend much time scrubbing and letting it sit because i was freezing my ass off and wanted to get inside :-x haha
I'd say that it worked pretty good.....
If ya want the best, Meguiar's makes some EXCELLENT stuff....
Only problem with it is that it doesnt have the plastic brush scrubber thing with it, so ya may want to pick up something with nice hard and short bristles to really scrub the shampoo good. Just go down to Autozone and pick something out...doesnt have to be expensive, the Meguiars stuff costs under 5 bucks for either of the two, the turtle-wax one cost like 4 bucks but came with the 'scrubber' head.
Just vacuum the carpet good, spray the shampoo generously over the whole carpet, scrub it in, wait half an hour or so, use a wet-dry vac. to go over the carpet again a few times, and if the stains are still there, respray the carpet, scrub again but not so hard, wait maybe longer than half an hour, but shouldnt need to wait for any more than an hour....45 minutes SHOULD get the stains out...