: NYT: Top ten automotive sites.

10-26-06, 04:38 AM
http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10...=5070 (http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/25/automobiles/autospecial/25web.html?ex=1162440000&en=7a265a5dbbd62217&ei=5070)

Edmunds -- Dull comparisons and shoddy reviews, made up for by excellent historical features and consumer information.

Top Gear -- Clarkson is seldom right, but always right on the money.

AllPar -- Incredibly deep. Just an outstanding resource. I can lose myself there (and have) for hours learning so much about cars I never cared about.

GM Inside News -- A forum I probably read more than any other but never post. There's gobs of news, rumors, and information -- another site I can lose myself at for hours. Its spoiled by stuck-up Toyota-driving trolls and overly emotional nationalistic morons.

The Truth About Cars -- The writing attempts to be snarky in the style of Top Gear. The problem is, it isn't very intelligently written, so it comes across as ignorant and childish instead of cheeky and sharp.

Winding Road -- Obviously, rocks. People say its aimed at an older crowd. I say, its news for people who can actually read.

Dub Speed Driven -- ?

Cars Cars Cars -- ?

Sniff Petrol -- ?

Nihon Car -- ?

Should have made the list:

AutoExtremist.com -- Peter Lorenzo always has the inside scoop that no one else does. He focuses on the industry itself rather than cars, making light of serious topics that the rest of the media tend to gloss over. Required reading every Wednesday morning.

10-26-06, 09:04 AM
sniff petrol rocks , there where the plate in my sig came from

they do like issues , this issue here discusses the CTS:

10-26-06, 09:09 AM
What the...

10-26-06, 09:20 AM
^^ WTF is that?!

10-26-06, 05:42 PM
its kinda a comedy deal , the guy makes up storys about the auto industry , he write for top gear , hes also produced a book , which i have , and among the errors is climing the Eldorado ETC was a flop becuse its name ment ecetera ....no one told the poor guy that ETC ment "Eldorado Touring Coupe"

10-27-06, 08:29 AM
^^ Oh so he does this type of thing on purpose?