: Been Fun

10-26-06, 12:16 AM
Wanted to thank everyone for an excellent forum experiance over the last year, unfortunatly I got rid of the Deville Concours and picked up an 07 Chevy Avalanche, thanks to one and all for a great website and keep up the great work.:crying2:

10-26-06, 01:01 AM
Aww we will miss you Dennisk! Good luck with the Avalance and make sure to come back and visit us!

10-26-06, 01:38 AM
Well, the Avalanche and the EXT are technically the same thing, right? You're still part of the family!

10-27-06, 02:24 PM
Bye Dennisk. But you don't have to leave, a lot of us don't have Caddys.

10-30-06, 11:03 PM
Technically I still own a Cadillac...a 1949 Cadillac series 62, So I will be around from time to time.

10-31-06, 06:57 AM
Got any pics of the '49?

JRau in central Iowa

10-31-06, 08:28 AM
:yeah: Besides, you could always harass the Lounge people like me! :D