: Greetings, Everyone

10-24-06, 11:02 PM
Good to find the forums finally! I'm a GM technician at a Cadillac dealership here in Kansas City. I'm the only one in the shop who works on XLR's and the V-series cars. I'm a fellow hot-rodder, mainly owning f-bodies, with a truck and DD mixed in, along with my sportbike. I wanted to get on here to see what kinds of problems you guys are having, what complaints with GM/dealerships you have, get your opinions on things, etc. I do this to help me work with the customers, like you guys, whose cars I work on every day. I'm not the typical "I don't give a fawk about the customer" mechanic. I do what I can to help you guys out when you break something, or have some problems. Being the performance-oriented person I am, I expect these cars to perform just as well as you do, without busting a rear end, leaking oil, carbon knocking, wearing tires out in 6k miles, etc. I'm very particular about my vehicles, and I am only more so on customers' vehicles. I'm very thorough and meticulous, and consider working on your car(s) a privilege.

I recently installed a new rear end in a customer's CTS-V, and was hoping he was on here. It is a black '04, IIRC, and was Magnacharged with the polished blower, Corsa exhaust, and a More Performance CAI. Does anyone know if the owner is on this board?

Anyway, I'll quit rambling. If anyone in/around the Kansas City area needs a GM mechanic that will take great care of your vehicle, be honest with how things work, and help you out as much as possible, drop me a PM or an email: suicycle@kc.rr.com :thumbsup: I look forward to chatting with everyone on here, and meeting some new friends and potential customers! If you need any technical help or information, especially if it's GM specific, feel free to hit me up.

My qualifications:
GM ASEP student, Class of '03 (Grad. top of class w/4.0)
ASE Master Certified
ASE Advanced Engine Performance Specialist Certification
GM Master Technician
Hendrick Master Technician
I'm the only one in the shop that works on XLR's, so rest assured, your Y-bodies are in good hands. I also get the majority of the V-series cars (if I'm really busy they might give one to someone else), so the same goes for them. I work on anything else when the shop is empty of these awesome cars, so if you have something else, feel free to hit me up:thumbsup:

Thanks again for having me!

10-24-06, 11:44 PM
Welcome Suicycle to the Caddy forums! There's a lot of guys with CTS-Vs I bet you can find your guy if you post in the CTS-V forum somebody should recognize you. Good luck and welcome again!

10-25-06, 06:59 AM
Welcome to the forums.
Glad you sign up here and introduce yourself. :thumbsup:

10-25-06, 02:14 PM

Welcome aboard. Glad to have ya. Make your way on over to the V-series sections. The CTS-V section is one of the busiest parts of the forum. Enjoy.

10-25-06, 08:59 PM
Welcome, and thanks for the offer of technical assistance. I'm down in Kansas City a couple times a year visiting relatives. If my '91 Brougham ever gives me any trouble, I'll look you up!