10-24-06, 10:23 PM
I have just purchased a 2004 SRX V8 AWD with full lux. load including ULTRAVIEW , BOSE , NAVIGATION , 6CD CHANGER in dash, power everything and heated front seats for cold CANADIAN WINTER. I imported from USA into CANADA with few issues at all!! Now the bad news, the DVD disc is all of NORTH AMERICA and CANADA for the OEM navigation system. The problem is that smaller CANADIAN cities are not DETAIL MAPPED on this 2004 OEM GM DVD disc. Please advise if anyone knows what DVD disc will show WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA in the 2004 SRX navigation system. The GM/CADILLAC site- www.gmnavdisc.com suggests the part # 15923893 as the most recent update for my SRX. I can not get GM or local dealer to CONFIRM that the new DVD has DETAILED mapping for WINNIPEG. They want $200.00 USD with no refund of course!!! Any help would be appreciated. THX DM

10-24-06, 10:40 PM
Ask www.gmnavdisc.com to email you a screen shot of an area you're familiar with. If they want the sale, they CAN do it!

I should have done so. Just last week, I got the new DVD, and, believe it or not, it has LESS detail than my original OEM disk.

10-24-06, 11:44 PM
Thanks for the suggestion. I have sent a request to GM CANADA and GM USA ( CADILLAC DIVISIONS) We will see how helpful they are. The gmnavdisc.com site doesn`t even have a SUBMIT QUESTION link!!! There is a PHONE # to call ( daytime only) but I will give some time for E-mail reply. Just to check them out!!!Any leads on a copy of #15923893 DVD update disc other than retail purchase would be welcomed. I WANT WINNIPEG!! THX DM

10-26-06, 11:39 AM
Well, GM CADILLAC Division has let me down both USA and CANADA!! Neither would advise regarding if Winnipeg was on the new disc. Even calling GMNAVDISC was NO HELP AT ALL!!!! They said they have no way to see what is on a disc!!!! I then called a MAJOR CADDY DEALER in Winnipeg and the sales rep said that the upgrade # 15923893 , does have most of Winnipeg, down to a level of no back lanes. SOOOO, heres hoping that they are right, because I won`t be able to get my $200.00 USD + shipping back!!
Thanks for ALL your help MR. GMC , NOT!!!!