: Wheel Size for Snow Tires

c5 rv
10-24-06, 07:13 PM
I'm debating whether or not to invest in a set of snow tires and wheels for my RWD SRX. I already have an AWD truck as my second daily driver, so I could just drive the SRX on nice days in the winter. (Did that with my CTS after I bought the truck in 2004.) But, if I decide to get snow tires, some questions on wheel size:

- 16": I have a set of 16" wheels and snow tires from my CTS I am planning to sell. From the looks of the brake clearance on the SRX, it seems that 17" is the minimum wheel size for the wagon. Correct?

- 17" v. 18": I'd rather go with 17" due to have the added sidewall height, but are 17" snow tires and wheels harder to find or more expensive than 18"?


10-25-06, 10:10 PM
17's are great. you can easily find tires and they are cheaper by about 40 bucks (same brand) check tirerack.com and you can really see the differences. they are not much harder to find nowadays. 2 years ago it was much more of a pain.