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10-24-06, 06:17 PM
I have a 2000 cat and I'm wondering if anyone has done a "coil over" conversion. I need a new set of springs so i want to know if its possible to use a set of one piece coil over springs instead. any info would help:)

10-24-06, 06:37 PM
There is no point of using coilover springs unless you're planning to track your car.

If you simply want to lower your car and get a firmer ride, don't bother with coilovers. Save your money and go with regular aftermarket shocks and springs.

10-24-06, 08:49 PM
What Is A Coil Over?
Would Not Lowering The Suspension Cause A Negative Camber That Is Not Adjustable In The Rear Wheels?

10-24-06, 09:07 PM
Coilovers are really for racing only or rice rides. I use Intrax springs with 1.4/1.6in drop - like them a lot. Check this (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-catera-cimarron-forum/82822-update-intrax-lowering-springs-front-rear.html)

10-25-06, 02:36 PM
I was considering using the aftermarket springs but i have 20's on my cat. I dont really want to lower it much. I dont have much space as it si. I think 1.4-1.6 would be too much. As well how much is the camber kit, and what was the cost to get them installed

10-27-06, 06:34 AM
You can try the KW Suspensions INOX-Line. They got two versions, one with pre set dampers and one with adjustable rebound. These coil overs are for street use and have softer spings than racing versions.

The american homepage can be found here:

The Catera is not listed there, but ask for the kit for the Omega saloon 6cyl. and diesel.

09-26-13, 10:47 AM
I have a 2000 Catera, so far all stock but I'm looking to lower it but I don't know what parts I should be looking for, coil overs would be useless for my driving, any help would be appreciated


09-26-13, 10:51 AM

Might want to start your own thread. This one's 7 years old.

09-26-13, 11:20 AM
Cool I will look into it, also I'm lookin for a new rad, it's not necessary but I would like to get a newer one, how much am I looking to spend?

09-26-13, 09:13 PM
Don't know of any coil-overs for the Catera but find yourself a wrecked '04-'06 Pontiac GTO. They're shorter and slightly stiffer then the Cateras stock springs. All 4 will fit the Catera and lower it about 1 inch all around. The front struts don't fit but the rear shocks do if you're willing to disable the leveling. Grab the 2004 GT0's front brake calipers with their hoses and upgrade the Cat's brakes while you're at it. They're dual piston units versus the Catera's singles. The GTO hoses are a must since the Catera's are shorter and could be damaged if used with the GTO calipers. Read more about your suspension and brake options in the CateraOwners forum. Just follow the links.