: Why Oh Gm Gods Why???

10-23-06, 07:52 PM
Hi there you V fanatics. Just traded my CTS-V a.k.a. wheel bouncing pain in the ass for my new XLR-V. I love the car. GM finally got the style right but I always have to ask myself why they cheap out on stupid areas. I manage a GM car dealership which is the only thing that keeps me loyal to their product. They never ask the dealer what would make their product more successful. Instead they insist on bringing out new product and then underpromoting and bastardising resale values. You cant even get a straight answer on what is in their vehicles when you look at their option specs. One says you get a certain option the next says you dont. for instance adaptive cruise control. now why would they take it out of the V? leather interior why cant they put real suede when they cheap out and put "sueded fabric instead.....oooooooohhhhhhh sueded fabric. The day I picked up my car it had a squeally fan belt on the supercharger. I can guarantee you that BMW or Mercedes would never ever let a $100,000 vehicle leave the factory that way. I am all pro american product. It is my bread and butter and GM has taken great strides on product reliability and fit and finish. But get rid of those hard plastics, go the extra mile on quality control, and "ask" the dealers what they feel would enhance their product for durability and sales. No body wants a rattle in their $100,000 vehicles speaker a day after buying one. This is what keeps GM from dominating the high end market. I understand that time is money but take the time before you sell it instead of the time in the shop after the vehicle is sold. I have vented.... thanks for listening. I hope GM doesn't dissappoint me again like they did with my CTS-V or next time regardless of me Managing a GM dealership I will park a BMW or Mercedes in the driveway:tisk:

Lord Cadillac
10-24-06, 01:22 AM
I hate to have to move this thread out of the XLR-V area - it's dead and needs all the help it can get. However, it fits better right here..

I guess the adaptive cruise control was very heavy. I mean, I can't think of any other reason to remove it from the XLR-V. Maybe it couldn't be fit... As for the plastics and sueded fabric - I can only guess they're being cheap. And you're right - they're never going to be "world class" and dominating the high-end market by cutting corners...

I also agree that Cadillac corporate needs to listen to their people (like you) more than they do. Maybe not everybody cares - but there Are people who do. Those are the ones they need to listen to. That's another shortcoming they need to fix...

10-24-06, 10:04 AM
^^ I like the OP's post. He is right, by not getting feedback from owners and dealers, they are just relying on the internal staff. And for putting out things like the Aztec and other horrible cars, its obvious that they do not represent the public. For $100,000 the car shouldn't make any squeaks or rattles for 5+ years. or else I wouldn't want to spend that much money on it.

I then hate why I sometimes read those interviews with top GM people and they say, "Well we are not at the top but we will get there." Not if you keep cutting corners. Honestly, they should buy the high end Asian and European cars to really see how people would want to spend their money. Maybe then they will get it.