: Tips on Replacing CKP's on 2000+ N*

10-22-06, 06:02 PM
As mentioned in the service manuals you need to remove the oil adapter plate. This is a very messy job, have a pan and lots of rags on hand. Even when the adapter was removed oil kept dripping from the cooler pipes as well as from the block.
To drop the plate you need to remove the oil switch connector. When I did mine the wiring wasn't long enough to pull the adapter plate far enough to see the connector and I found it difficult to get my hands round the motor mount to feel the connector.
The connector is the same type as used on the Throttle Position Sensor, have a look at how that undoes so that while lying under the car you have an idea of how to remove it. Because the wiring was so short I found it very hard to reconnect the oil switch on reassembly.

The CKP's use the same type of connector as the Ignition Coil Cassettes. They have a small locking piece that needs to be removed with a small flat screwdriver before undoing the connector. The CKP's are mounted in an awkward place making removal of the connector difficult with the sensor in place. Unbolt the sensor and remove it, you can then turn the sensor and connector so you can see the locking pin.

Don't forget to top up the oil when finished.

It took me around 2 1/2 hours to change the CKP sensors.