: Ran the V at the strip (and no i didn't get towed home)

10-22-06, 09:38 AM
a friend and i decided to go to the drag strip to see who's car is faster. he has a C55 and i have an 06 V with a corsa. i didn't beat him, but i wasn't about to try and really launch the car either. i think i did pretty well for running on RSA runflats. he ended up running a 13.02 as his best. i think if i didn't have so much hop on my shifts i would have been there. while he did have the fastest time the first couple of times i tree'd him. we had one race where i ran him down and beat him by a bumper...

10-22-06, 10:45 AM
not bad, its hard gettin thoose stock v's to get a good 60f'

Seattle CTS-V
10-22-06, 11:18 AM
What was his trap speed? That'll truely tell you whose car is faster (from a roll).

10-22-06, 02:26 PM
Nice! Nice red light on that run...lol.

10-22-06, 09:28 PM
haha when I had my bone stock Spec V my beat 60' was a 2.155. just messing with ya but good run man!:thumbsup:

10-23-06, 08:28 AM
Nice. I would be happy with those if I had a V.

10-23-06, 08:30 AM
if i could drop the 60' another tenth and fixed the traction problem during shift, i would be in the 12's