: 99 Deville stereo/cd changer questions

10-21-06, 11:50 PM
Ok I have a few questions I need to ask here. I just got my 99 Deville the other day and I absolutely love the car. The sound system is the one thing about it that is a little lacking however. I have the very basic setup Im sure. A simple cassette/fm am radio in the dash. It does have a source button on it but there is no cd changer. Theres also a center speaker in the dash(is that wired into the front outputs?) and I took a look up under the trunk compartment at the 6 x 9's and they appear to be delco. So no bose for me just the basic stuff.

What I'd like to to for now is add a cd changer of some kind so i can listen to some of my music. I've done some research and it seems that theres already a connection for a changer in the trunk just over to the right by the power antenae. My question is - Can I put any kind of changer I want in there or does it have to be an OEM changer that was designed to be in caddys? Ive seen those 'neochangers' on the web but they run well over two hundred dollars for the mp3 playing ones. Thats a little pricey for me so is there option?

Ok now my next question. Where exactly is the amp located? I looked up inside the trunk and the only thing i could see was what looked like a car computer with a lot of wires running into and it also looked pretty impossible to reach. I would like to eventally add another amp the car with a couple of woofers and Im not sure what would be the best way to do this. I would like to keep that factory head unit in so what I need to know is how do you run and where do you run the amp wires? Is there an rca output on the factory amp? Do I have to run wires from the head unit behind the dash? Or do you have to use one of those converters that splices into speaker wires and gives you and rca jack? Sorry for all the noobish questions here. I have actually installed a few car systems in my day I have just never had to deal with a cadillac before so its a little tricky for me.

Id appreciate any help and advice I can get. Thanks in advance.

10-22-06, 12:27 AM
you can put any fm modulated changer in there
they are cheap but you get what you pay for
poor sound quality and its not controlled by your factory deck

you could buy the 12 disc cd changer for your car which is a decent option

the best i reccomend the mp3 neochanger
you can play mp3 cds thats over 100 songs per cd 10 cds you can have your entire song collecton in your changer then

your amp is mounted between your trunk and rear seat, look at the p# sitckers one will say its an audio system amp or relay box or something.

best way to add subs to a stock system has been cover a million times use the search best way is get an rca adapter mount that off of your rear 6x9 terminals run your power and ground wire and your remote

10-22-06, 02:48 AM
How is the sound quality on the oem changers and neochangers vs an fm modulated changer?

Also im guessing that little center speaker in the dash isnt actually there. I havent looked yet but is adding a speaker there something i should look into?

One more thing - if I ever want to upgrade the factory delco speakers what would you recommend? Also how would the factory amp that was running the delcos handle some aftermarket stuff?

Thanks again

10-22-06, 02:50 AM
oh ok i lied. I have one more question. when hooking up the rca adapter to the six by nines.. Wouldnt that cause some kind of interferance/damage since they are hooked up to the factory amp?

10-22-06, 02:59 AM
would this work? - eBay: SSI NEOCHANGER 10MP3 UNIVERSAL 10 DISK MP3 CD CHANGER (item 110045960067 end time Oct-22-06 16:10:02 PDT) (http://cgi.ebay.com/SSI-NEOCHANGER-10MP3-UNIVERSAL-10-DISK-MP3-CD-CHANGER_W0QQitemZ110045960067QQihZ001QQcategoryZ85 808QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item 110045960067)

10-22-06, 06:58 AM
what about this - eBay: pioneer 12 disc changer (item 140043074469 end time Oct-24-06 11:16:16 PDT) (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=ADME:B:BCA:US:11&Item=140043074469)

10-22-06, 10:00 AM
factory and neo will have same quality however neo you can play mp3s too factory you can not. fm modulated sound sucks thats all there is to it and unelss you wanna go really cheap i dont reccomend it.

you can add the center channel speak but you need an amp to power it, if you bridge it off your speaks already there it will take away from the power of that speak.

no branchin the rca adapter off amped 6x9s will not hurt anything i did this on my bose system before i replaced it and it worked fine.

replacing factory speaks and running off factory amp is not a problem get some infinity referance speaks, you dont their better speaks b/c youd be under powering them and wasting your money

10-22-06, 01:50 PM
What he said ^^....I also got some 6x9s for sale that were barley used.

10-22-06, 09:16 PM
so what id want are called 'infinity referrance'? your last post there was a little confusing.

Anybody who has a neochanger for sale please let me know.

10-22-06, 09:37 PM
infinity has 3 lines

i have perfects they cost about 500 bucks a pair...
you dont need that so buy refs
and you should REALLY keep to one thread and not making multiple ones

and dude its a cadillac its not gonna be easy or cheap so dont cheapin the car and take shortcuts and easy ways do it right spend the money...

10-23-06, 12:14 AM
should i go with the 2 way or the 3 way infinity reference 6 x 9's? There seems to be more than one type of each. Im not sure wich would be the best deal..

10-23-06, 12:04 PM
2 way is your best bet. The less speakers in the speaker = better.

How much are the infinty ref 6x9s? I will sell you my Eclipse ones (100x better, their top 6x9s) for $75 shipped. ask ETC97 me n him do a lot of transactions.

10-23-06, 12:28 PM
yuh most def
the kids got a killer deal for you if you dont mind used equip, though he does take good care of his stuff
i would def reccomend an amp with those too

10-23-06, 12:29 PM
i have kicker 3 ways in my ETC
i put pioneer 3 ways in my GFs Hyundai Elantra GT
and have pioneer 2 ways in my moms deville
i think begin i have enough bass through my subs i need the added treb so i like the 3ways.

10-24-06, 08:16 AM
thats tempting but my first priority right now is to get some form of frickin cd playing in there first. Radio is driving nuts.

10-24-06, 04:21 PM
well man i doubt it but if your around pittsburgh pa or would like to come up ill install your set up for free...

10-24-06, 06:09 PM
i appreciate the offer but thats to far away. You could tell me one thing though. Wheres the best place to run the power wire through the firewall? If you got a picture that would be awesome.

10-24-06, 09:49 PM
to be honest and this i do not condon i couldnt find a suitable spot so i ran it along the fender between the fender and a pilar under the door weather strip and into the cab

10-24-06, 11:49 PM
I can take a picture of where I ran my 0 gauge power wire through the firewall tommorow.

10-25-06, 07:53 AM
that would be great. alot of times theres already a place to run a wire through without having to drill any holes. I just havent got up under there and looked yet.

10-25-06, 09:22 AM
i think theres a rubber grommit thats on the pass side where a bunch of wires goes through on divvys
you could try that