View Full Version : Top speed eliminator found!!!!

04-07-03, 01:10 PM

This is the piece we've all been waiting for


04-07-03, 02:43 PM
Do you know of anyone who has actually used this device on their car yet?

04-07-03, 03:49 PM
nope, i was hoping maybe someone out there does or maybe knows someone who did.

04-08-03, 10:52 AM

This guys has one on his car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04-08-03, 11:42 AM
I'd love to know how something that plugs into the transmission can eliminate the speed limiter in the PCM.

04-10-03, 10:16 AM
And I'd like to know how a guy fits a part for a 4L80-E transmission (SUV tranny) onto his FWD Seville. And I'd also like to know how he runs mid 13's in the quarter mile @ 124 mph, and only does 6.9 seconds 0-60.

That guy's car isn't even a '97...unless he COMPLETELY swapped an earlier interior into it (steering wheel, seats, console, etc.). It's got "BS" written all over it.

Where's the BS smiley when you really need it? :D

04-10-03, 10:22 AM
Originally posted by jadcock
Where's the BS smiley when you really need it? :D

I use this one....:farting:

04-10-03, 10:42 AM
Originally posted by kcnewell
I use this one....:farting:

After looking at the guy's site, I'm with Jason and KC.
BS is flowing all through this.

04-10-03, 10:58 AM
Look at page 2 of his site. He goes off on a negative comment about his site. Yep, that's an intelligent one there.

I would enlighten him that his car isn't even a 1997 model, but I don't think it's worth it... :rolleyes:

04-11-03, 05:44 PM
You're right ;)

04-28-03, 08:45 PM
I wanna tell him. I hate the people that dont really have a caddi and then say they do buy getting the pics off someone elses website. Any ideas from the real caddi fans/owners what to say to this guy. I'm sure it'll be interesting.