: 07 SRX ordered

Ivan Billson
10-19-06, 04:23 PM
I factory ordered a 07 SRX V-8 RWD from a dealer in Seattle on 10-08-06.
The only options are the moon roof and the Bose Navigation System.
The dealer is saying the delivery from the factory should be around 8-9 weeks. Delivery before the end of year is important because of the current Cadillac incentive for the Bose Navigation System which expires on 1-02-07. Dealer says the vehicle must be delivered to them by this date to get the full rebate for this system. Color is white diamond with gray interior. Anyone factory order a SRX recently and how long did it take?


10-19-06, 08:40 PM
I would consider getting the MRC.

10-19-06, 10:20 PM
I took delivery of mine on 10/2 and I ordered mine on 8/15 - therefore about 6 weeks. You will love it

By the way, can you explain Bose Incentive?


10-20-06, 02:30 AM
Your order may have marginal time; suggest you contact GM/Cad personal assistant to track your build. Do not forget factory year end close ~ 2 weeks ~ 12/15-1/01 and the Detroit weather!!
I ordered my 2005 SRX on 11/4/04, took del on same day it arrived - 1/21/05 (~12 weeks), assy date ~ 12/15/04.
My SRX is 2005 N*V8 std RWD, Blue Chip/ Ebony, Bose w/ 6 CD changer, power seats, etc, rear A/C, ultraview and trailering (no hitch) as only option.

Ivan Billson
10-20-06, 10:56 AM
The Bose-Navigation System rebate is being currently offered on all Cadillacs including 06's on dealer lots. The $2,300 (MSRP) option for the SRX is essentially a rebate you will recieve if you take delivery before 1-02-07. It is shown on the Cadillac web page and in TV and printed ads.

10-27-06, 09:28 PM
The way I read the free nav offer is that it's for selectively equipped vehicles. When I drilled in on it, it showed the free nav only for the V6. If someone can show me that my take on this issue is wrong, I'd love it, since I have a V8 on order.

10-28-06, 08:20 AM
The way I read promo on cadillac.com is that the engine does not come in to play regarding offer. If SRX has NAV system ($2,300 MSRP), you receive discount - retail or lease.

10-29-06, 12:59 PM
Ditto on considering the MRC option.

My 06 took 8 days from order to delivery. Oh yeah, by the way, I live in Lansing (that had something to do with it....) Normal is about 6 weeks I think.