: Clear Coat Finishes Still Have To Be Waxed Often, Right?

02-26-04, 12:54 AM
I remember the late 1980's paints that were clear coated, and if they were not waxed, they would scratch and peel. Is this still true with new cars? Are paint finishes better today, even with the CC? Has anyone experienced this with a CC paint finish? What about that spray CC you can buy, is that stuff just a joke?

02-26-04, 07:05 AM
Clear coat finishes of today are much softer than the paint of years ago, and yes it still needs to be protected, if not your clear coat will have many light scratches and cause the finish to look bad just from normal wear. The clear coat adds gloss when you look at surface, as well as slowing down the oxidation rate. I would stay away from the do it yourself cans of clear coat, it could make a big mess.