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10-17-06, 08:19 PM
I'm interested in buying a used SRX in the US, and importing into Canada.
I have a few questions that I'd appreciate some insight into.

1. Can the instruments be set to Metric units, like KM/H and Kilometers distance? Are any other instruments marked with units of measure, like an oil pressure guage in PSI etc? is this year dependant? In some picures, it looks like the speedometer can be set to MPH or KM/H

2. So all years have Daytime Running LIghts? It looks like 2006 models do.

3. Anyone know if the warranty can be transferred to a Canadian owner?

Anything I should get, or stay away from? I think I'm looking for a V6 RWD, maybe with Ultraview, no 3rd row seat. I'd like to keep it simple.

I do my own maintenance for all my vehicles, and will probably keep the SRX for a long time, unless their is any hint of it being a maintenance nightmare.

Thanks in advance for your input.

10-18-06, 12:37 PM
Hi there,

I would say yes to '1' and '2'. Units can be switched between metric/us with few presses of a button. Also the DRL are typical for all year models.

As far as the warranty is concerned, I'm not sure about that...

There is a lot of useful info on this forum, just research it a little bit and you'll be surprised how much you'll learn.

good luck

10-20-06, 09:53 PM
I am in the process of bringing a CTS-V into Canada. The warrenty will be good in all North America. You will want to contact a Customs broker here in Canada first. My customs broker was working on 100 imports when I spoke to him so it is very common. Don't forget you will have to pay GST.

10-21-06, 08:56 PM
I just finished importing a 04 SRX RWD V6 into Alberta from the US. It's straightforward process but you need to follow the steps. Everything you need to know can be found at Registrar of Imported Vehicles RIV: How to import a U.S made vehicle into Canada (http://www.riv.ca) It will outline what you need to do. I didn't use a customs broker, it's not necessary. Here's a brief desription of what needs to be done. I'm assuming you intend to drive the SRX to Canada.

- Notify US customs of your intention to export the vehicle. This means faxing them a copy of the title BEFORE you get to the border. This needs to be done 48 hours before you arrive at the border. At the US border, they will stamp the title and then you can proceed to Canada Customs. If US Customs don't have the fax, you get no stamp and you won't get the car into Canada.

- At Canadian Customs, you delare the vehicle and then you will get the import paperwork and pay the GST on the purchase price. You will also have to pay for the federal inspection here ( about $200 bucks).

- At this point, you have 45 days to get the federal inspection done. The SRX will not need anything done to meet Canadian standards, providing everything is working properly. The SRX I brought in passed with no issues. Before this inspection, you will need a letter from Cadillac stating that all recalls have been completed. Call Cadillac for this.

- After this, you may need a out of province safety inspection, depending on where you live. Alberta requires one. I had this done at the dealer and at the same time, had some warranty work done with no issues.

- Once all this is done, you can get the vehicle registered and plated.

Again, the website Registrar of Imported Vehicles RIV: How to import a U.S made vehicle into Canada (http://www.riv.ca) outlines the process. It even provides all the fax and phone numbers needed.

Good luck. You'll love the car.

10-22-06, 08:58 PM
I too have just imported an SRX into Canada. I brought it through Sarnia and had no trouble. It has been exactly as described in the RIV information. I haven't had it certified or inspected yet but I have got temporary plates and insurance for 6 days. One hint for you though is that if you get the person or dealer you are buying the car from to bring it across the border for you, there is no state tax to be paid, just the GST, exise tax on air conditioning and provincial tax when you get your final RIV approval. This makes the purchase of an SRX from the States an extremely cost effective proposition. Good luck.

10-24-06, 09:35 PM
I have just found this site, as I have just purchased a used SRX and imported it from USA.
Just a few notes first. The title information documents must be sent to the USA CUSTOMS 72 hours prior to crossing if you are shipping or driving. The title must be in your name before you can bring it across, so beware of delays for title name changes in some states. The documents must be sent to the EXACT crossing that the car will go through.As far as the GM warranty is concerned, the vehicle must be registered in the USA for at least 6 months and have 12,000 KLMS of USA usage, if not GM WILL NOT VALIDATE THE WARRANTY IN CANADA.
QUESTION: My SRX has DVD NAVIGATION and the original 2004 DVD disc for maps. This DVD DOES NOT have detailed mapping of smaller Canadian cities including mine, WINNIPEG,MB. Anyone have a DVD disc for navigation that has WINNIPEG in detail for the navigation on 2004 SRX. GMNAVDISC.com site suggests part # 15923893 as the most recent updated DVD for the SRX in USA and CANADA.
I can not get GM or dealer to confirm that detail for WINNIPEg is even on this DVD. They want $200.00USD and NO REFUND. ANY HELP OUT THERE???? DM