: Atlanta Area

02-25-04, 10:15 PM
Hey guys every first thursday of the monthy a bunch of different car people show up at the varsity in atlanta at 8pm.....Its time to get some of the cadillacs to show up, its 8pm on the top parking spot, youll get a chance to see my car and talk shop with a bunch of car people!!! Sign up here so i know who to look for....Next one will be one week from tom, (aka the first thursday in march)

02-26-04, 03:26 PM

02-28-04, 07:12 PM
No one interested?

heather's escalade00
06-06-04, 02:08 AM
I would love to meet up with others but I haven't had a chance to add any after-market parts to my Escalade. So its jus stock. :banghead:

06-07-04, 03:58 AM
I'd like to attend this meet after i get my car up to par, like heather said its all stock right now and im not really down with the shop talk since im pretty new to all this. Is that cool ? I used to live in Conyers, GA

06-07-04, 06:20 PM
I used to live in covington!

I have stopped going to these things, they became too ghetto, but we can defn set up a mod day/gtg whenever people want!

06-08-04, 11:47 PM
Talk about close to home, thats about 15 minutes away.. out of all the places to live, ha
i still have some family up there but yeah man, this post is 4 months old, lol.
heather must be recieving this forum through pigeon carrier..:bouncy:

i know whatcha mean about to ghetto, i never was realy into these things.. just something to do, figured id give it a whirl. I think a GA meet would be pretty huge.. can you see it, 50+ cadillacs back to back.. giving people a heart attack, sorry i had to do that, it was in my bones.

prolly regret this daamn post, but gonna press submit anyways

Gene Massey
06-12-04, 10:43 AM
I live in Marietta and I just purchased my first Cadillac (It will not be my last) a few months ago. It is a 2002 Deville all factory but I like it that way. :) I just like keeping it clean and looking good. Owning one of these cars will really spoil you or at least it has me. LOL