: Road Trip to the Coast this Weekend!

10-17-06, 01:58 AM
I have really needed to get away for a weekend, and I saw an article in yesterday's paper about a dog fun day at the beach this Saturday. So after work Friday, Hoover, Cruella and I are headed to the coast.

Friday night, we're staying at the resort (http://www.surfsand.com/resort.asp) in Cannon Beach that's hosting the event (http://www.surfsand.com/pets.asp). I'm thinking I'll enter Hoover in the following:

Most Handsome Dog (3 divisions)
Best Handshake (2 divisions)
Best Smile (2 divisions)
Best Tail Wag (2 divisions)At any rate, he'll enjoy meeting lots of new people and other dogs, and he loves road trips.

Saturday night, we're heading up U.S. 101 to the Motel 6 in Seaside. The resort will be nice, but the room there is twice what good old Motel 6 will cost me.

Sunday, we'll continue up the coast to Astoria, where I learned (via DogFriendly.com (http://www.dogfriendly.com)) that I can take Hoover into the Lewis & Clark National Park. Then, we'll cross the Columbia River and follow the river along the Washington side (I drove along the river on the Oregon side a couple of summers ago). We'll pick up I-5 in Kelso, WA and head south, hopefully meeting up with some friends in Vancouver for dinner before returning home.


It's 322 miles round trip, and the first real road trip I've taken with Cruella in more than a year. Will be interesting to see how she does on gas.

I'll post pictures next week. It's supposed to be nice this weekend.

10-17-06, 04:43 AM
Nice! I've always wanted to take that route the two times I was in Portland but never got the chance.

10-17-06, 04:54 AM
I was just there four weeks ago!!! Canon beach is freaking AMAZING. Take the Ecola State Park hike down to Indian Beach...One of the best in the world. Takes about two and a half hours, more if you want to stop for a lot of photo ops.

Go to the rock from the Goonies movie. Take pictures. Don't shoot the birds, there's a HUGE fine.

Go to the little pub called Pete's, I think it is...downtown place...they have live music on Thursday nights. The Floating Eyeballs. Also, the something or other Crow. Same owners, same local brew. Great shit.

Spend lots of time on the beach. Watch a sunset from the surf. I've got GREAT videos and pictures from a rainy yet sunny sunset on Aug. 10th on Canon Beach from behind the Goonies rock. Amazing.

I'll get back to this. Hafta go...sopmething just came up...enjoy it!!!

Don't eat at the Thai place...it wasn't very good...

lots f great used book stores... ...
gotta go.

10-17-06, 05:03 AM
I can't emphasize this enough. GO TO ECOLA STATE PARK.




This damned caps lock thjing is going to make this little, aint it?

EcOLa StaTE ParK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Bad. F'ing. Ass.

10-17-06, 08:23 AM
Why? What's there (never been).

10-17-06, 12:11 PM
Spyder—thanks for the recommendation on Ecola State Park (http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_188.php). I saw a listing for it on DogFriendly.com's Travel Guide (http://www.dogfriendly.com/server/travel/uscities/guides/us/FOLDERor/usonlineor4362844ec.shtml), so I had planned to stop there. One of the nice things about Oregon beaches is they're virtually all open to the public and most allow dogs. Hoover had a good time splashing around the tide pools at the beach in Lincoln City when my family was visiting this summer.

Two summers ago, I took a similar road trip with Betty on U.S. 30 along the Columbia from Portland to Astoria, then down the coast on U.S. 101. The bridge over the Columbia where it meets the Pacific Ocean is really something. Pictures from that road trip are here (http://www.gdwriter.q45.org/astoria/index.html).

10-17-06, 11:12 PM
Sounds like a ton of fun! I'd love a drive along the coast! Expect 23-26 MPG average.

10-20-06, 11:33 PM
Well, Hoover, Cruella and I are in Cannon Beach. The resort is beautiful and very friendly. I have a nice view of Haystack Rock from my room, and I managed to get a picture before sunset. I’ll take another one in the morning before I check out. It’s supposed to be sunny all weekend.

Hoover is having a great time. He got some treats when we checked in, and also at a little dog-toy store in town. We went down to the beach where he ran and played with some other dogs, then we walked about a mile through Cannon Beach to a restaurant that allows dogs at the patio tables. On our way back, we passed a pickup that had a very loud, very rambunctious dog barking and jumping so much that the whole truck was bouncing. I have SUCH a great dog.

Some pictures so far:

Loaded up with sodas, snacks, my iPod, camera, map, dog treats, etc.:


Stopping for gas before leaving Independence. So far, Cruella's averaging 23.5 MPG according to the FDC. OR 22 and U.S. 101 are both pretty hilly in parts, with lots of curves, so there's not a whole lot of steady-state cruising.


Turning onto OR 22 to head for the Coast:


Driving past the Tillamook Air Museum (http://www.tillamookair.com), a former WW II blimp hanger and the world's largest wooden structure. I took Betty to a car show there last month.


I'm not sure what kind of plane this is at the entrance to the museum off U.S. 101, but it's a Navy jet.


Stopping for ice cream at the famous Tillamook Cheese factory. Definitely worth a stop.


The view of Haystack Rock from my room. I checked in right around sunset, so I'm going to try to get more pictures tomorrow.


Hoover's already picked out his bed for the night.


More pictures to come.

10-21-06, 11:06 PM
Today could not have been more perfect. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I’m glad at the last minute I packed a pair of shorts because it was in the 70s today, and it wasn’t nearly as windy as it had been on my last two trips to the beach in August (which were way colder).


Hoover loves the beach and couldn’t wait to go running on the sand and playing with the other dogs there. We’d sit and watch some of the dog show competitions for a while, then go run and play off leash. As usual, he was very well behaved and got along with most of the other dogs he encountered. There were some barkers, though, which encouraged him to do the same. Normally, he’s pretty quiet.



We entered four competitions at the show: most handsome, best handshake, best tail wag and best smile. In all of the contests we entered, the dogs were grouped into two groups, one under 50 lbs. and one over. In the most handsome category, I know I’m biased, but the only dog I saw who was better looking than Hoover was a gorgeous collie. He muffed the handshake competition because he was more interested in all the dogs around him than shaking, although I managed to get one out of him. And there were some serious waggers we had to compete against. However, I was surprised to hear Hoover’s name called for second place in the best smile contest! He does have a great smile, and he’s such a happy dog, so I was very proud of him.



I bought a kite at a local kite store and had some success with it. I’m a little better than Charlie Brown, but not by much. There was a little kid, probably no more than 5, who was fascinated by my kite, and kept trying to catch it when it would dive head first for the sand. It almost hit him a couple of times, but he was undeterred, and he (usually with some help from his dad) would toss it back into the air for me.

Besides the dog show, we also hiked around the sea cliffs at Ecola State Park. The views are just incredible, and it reinforces my feeling that I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.



Tomorrow, we head up to Astoria; we’re planning to visit Ft. Clatsop, where Lewis and Clark spent the winter of 1805-1806. We’ll also visit the points on both the Oregon and Washington side where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.

More pictures to come.

10-22-06, 04:54 AM
The plane is an A4, I believe...

10-22-06, 05:02 AM
What resort are you staying at? I was in the monstrous suite at the Seasand Resort...we had like eight beds there for ten of us, full kitchen, living room, dining room, laundry room and three bathrooms along with our own patio front and rear and a great view of the Ecola shorelines...I was very impressed with it, especially for just over a grand for two nights (split 8 ways, so it was only 122 a person)

10-22-06, 12:39 PM
I was staying at the Surfsand Resort (http://www.surfsand.com/welcome.asp). Right on the beach. Very friendly and relaxed. They were the sponsors of the dog show.

I'm already thinking about coming here some weekend this winter when it's stormy. Should be a great show from the ocean-view rooms.

10-22-06, 11:52 PM
Last set of road trip pics. Got home about 8 p.m.

Today was as gorgeous as yesterday. Drove up to Astoria where Hoover and I visited Fort Clatsop, the winter headquarters for Lewis & Clark in 1805-1806. It’s much smaller than I expected.



We cruised around Astoria a bit, then crossed the 4-mile-long bridge over the Columbia River into Washington.




There, we went to the Cape Disappointment State Park, where the Columbia meets the Pacific Ocean. There are two lighthouses; the first one, North Point, was an easy walk. You could go up to the top, but they didn’t allow dogs in, so Hoover and I skipped that.



The Cape Disappointment light was much more of a hike; as we approached, I was thinking “the view had better be worth it.” It was. Hoover did great on the hike, but drank liberally from his water cooler when we finally got back to the car.




Took a leisurely drive along the Washington side of the Columbia before meeting up with I-5 in Longview, WA. Out of curiosity, I reset Cruella’s Fuel Data Center as I got on I-5 to see how she’d do on a steady cruise. I set the cruise at 70, except for a stretch between 60 and 65 MPH through Vancouver and Portland. When I got off the Interstate about 100 miles later in Salem, the average MPG was 28. Actual mileage was 19.56 MPG for the 180.3 miles I drove from Independence to Astoria. For the 216.5 miles from Astoria to Salem, I averaged 26.68 MPG. Pretty damn impressive for a full-size car with a V-8.

Hoover is a great traveler. He enjoys riding in the car and he charmed a lot of people we met along the way. He has excellent hotel manners, and I could leave him in the car for short periods without worry. The only problem was at Fort Clatsop, where my attention was focused on one of the signs. I was holding the leash loosely; he saw a squirrel and bolted, chasing it up a tree. But he came right back when I called him.

All in all, it was one of the nicest weekends I’ve had in a long, long time.

10-23-06, 02:11 AM
Ahhhh...Surfsand IS the one I stayed at...not Seasand...sorry...ha, weird that you stayed at the same damned place I did...

10-23-06, 09:08 AM
Looks great man, enjoy it!

10-23-06, 01:13 PM
Ahhhh...Surfsand IS the one I stayed at...not Seasand...sorry...ha, weird that you stayed at the same damned place I did...

It's a great place, and the prices are reasonable. I paid $129 for a large room with a nice view of Haystack Rock. I will definitely go back.

10-23-06, 05:14 PM
Glad to hear you had such an awesome time Gary! Lots of good pics, that four mile long bridge looks so awesome!

10-23-06, 06:14 PM
It's a really impressive bridge, the longest continuous truss bridge in the world. Here's some pictures along it's full length, taken from the shoreline near downtown Astoria:




The highest part of the bridge is on the Oregon side to allow cargo ships to pass through, then it drops down to causeway level for most of the stretch. There's another steel girder section near the end on the Washington side.

A couple of good links:
Astoria-Megler Bridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astoria-Megler_Bridge)
Astoria-Megler Bridge (http://www.oldoregon.com/Pages/AstoriaBridge.html)

I guess I have a thing for bridges. I'm impressed by the engineering as well as the aesthetics. The Astoria-Megler Bridge is probably third on my list. My all-time favorite will always be the Golden Gate, which I drove Betty across when I moved to Oregon in 2003:



My second favorite is the Yaquina Bay Bridge (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yaquina_Bay_Bridge) in Newport, OR:


Interestingly, all three bridges are along U.S. 101.