: Did you guys hear about the big earthquake in Hawaii?

10-16-06, 06:31 PM
It was totally INSANE!!! I was at work when it happened, in the first bay of our garage. At first I was all like, "Meh, it's just a little quake. We feel em all the time..." Then it started get BIGGER and way more violent and I was like "OHH SHIT!!!" I ran out of the garage building (It's about ~90 years old and I didn't trust it) and to the side of the street. What I saw there was incredible; the whole street/ground was rippling as if it was water. It was crazy. I looked behind me at the garage door that I had just opened and saw the building swaying so much that it pulled the wheels out of the garage door. The door came crashing down. Car alarms everywhere were going off.... Afterwards I headed back inside to look at the damage. Absolutely EVERYTHING was on the floor, and those words don't do it justice. EVERYTHING was on the floor. The power was out. I had to go through and shut off the gas pumps (its a gas station/garage), turn off the cash register (which was hanging by it's cords) power strips and everything electrical. Then I had to start the clean up. It took me most of the day to get all of the auto parts sorted in the back room, same with the sodas, the automotive fluids, tools, everything... A shelf fell off of the wall too, I had to put it on a table... Keep in mind that I was there doing this all alone; I opened up the shop alone at 7am. The quake was at about 7:10am.... Next door, the video store slid off of its foundation. The roads were all mostly closed because of landslides EVERYWHERE... Also half of a bridge collapsed... When the power went back on at work, I resarted the fuel pump systems so people could put gas, and man did they put gas. I had lines streching into the streets all day untill we ran out of gas.... My boss came over to check out how I was doing, but by that time I had cleaned most of the major stuff up. I helped him put the garage door back up. It was dented from falling but otherwise still good. Every now and then we would feel aftershocks, they would get your heart racing again but do no new damage. Most of this island was out of power untill noon. So, when I got home there was no power (didn't get power at my house untill about 6:30pm). I looked over the house. There was/are cracks in the drywall everywhere, the grout on the tiled floors and tile showers popped out. EVERYTHING was on the floor. There was broken glass everywhere. I'm still afraid to walk through here barefoot. This house has 3 bathrooms, only 1 is operational right now. The two upstairs toilets are shattered...... Over all its just a disaster area. I heard that there wasn't any reported injuries, and I wasn't too shocked. Hawaiians are a tough bunch. If they get hurt, they just tough it out... Which reminds me, the hospital was also closed down and evacuated because they weren't surre of it's structural integrity.... Was a very interesting sunday for me. hehe....
And guess what the insurance companies are doing now:

"We never offered earthquake insurance".
"But my insurance policy states 'Hazard Insurance: ALL perils'"
"Sorry. You can make a claim but it probably won't get approved."

10-16-06, 06:35 PM
Amazing, truly truly amazing! Glad to hear that you're alright.

10-16-06, 07:03 PM
Wow, Glad you are ok. It doesnt surprise me about the insurance issue. They want to take our money and never pay whe the time comes. Must be nice to run a buisness of all profit....lol! Well the most important thing is that you are ok everything else can be repaired.

Lord Cadillac
10-16-06, 10:09 PM
...I was wondering about you, Krashed! I'm glad to hear you're okay.. It's going to be some time before things get back to normal over there.. Sort of like with our Hurricanes over here.. Good luck with a quick area recovery...

10-17-06, 08:36 AM
Hey, your okay, that's important.

Insurance companies, I hate all of them. Physcial violence works best in my area.

10-17-06, 02:35 PM
Everything seems to be pulling back together fairly quickly over here. Neighbors are helping out neighbors and everything. But then again, 90% of the people who live here are related to eachother in some way, so of couse they are going to help eachother out. LOL

Check this out! Normally there's less than 20 on this map.... it shows 126 right now!