View Full Version : 97 Catera At Mechanic This Is Odd!

10-15-06, 12:18 AM
Ok, so im having problems with my 97 catera starting. It doesnt want to start and when it does it sounds like a tapping type noise is coming from the motor and then stalls. So i had it towed to the nearest cadillac dealer ( the dealer cadillac suggested). I told the dealer to figure it out and call me when you do. I had it towed about one week ago. So i get a phone call today from the dealer. He told me that there is recalls that need to be done that are payed for by cadillac. The recalls were the drive idler and tensioner and pulleys and secodary air injection. The first thing they did was ran diagnostics on the car guess what? Came up nothing wrong he said its getting gas and spark and that the timing belt is just fine. the mechanic cant even get it started at all now. Why wont it start anyone on here know? They are calling cadillac on monday for support cuz they have no idea why it wont start. Im telling you these cars confuse the crap outta everyone at my dealership lol. The mechanic i talked to on the phone today said that its probly something dumb but i dont know. That tapping noise doesnt sound to healthy and the mechanic hasnt heard it run yet so im not sure he even knows. Well just wanted to let you all know where i was at.
Thanks now lets hope this cat can bounce! Its a shame because they are such nice cars to go to waste like they do. If you have any info on what the problem with the motor may be plz post a message on here Im really curious. I hope it gets fixed soon im currently in college and this is my only way to school. bummer!

10-15-06, 01:59 AM
Does the frequency of the tapping increase with engine RPM's? If yes, it sounds like rotating assembly damage therefore you require a new engine. In most cases these engines are not worth rebuiding as you can find brand new examples on eBay from 1000-1500 all the time.

Also how did the sound start anyways?

10-17-06, 10:59 PM
I had one in about 3 months ago that drove me crazy, that ended up being a broken valve spring. never seen a car run so bad, when it did run, and sounded like it had piston slap. Compression checked didn't show it.

might be far fetched, first I had ever seen