: What else do I need to know after unhooking PCM

10-13-06, 11:20 AM
Maybe that is a better title for this question

I just wanted to check with you guys. I ordered my Volant CAI. I know the PCM is inside the air box, I assume I'll have to unhook it to do the job. Is there anything I need to do afterwords? Is the PCM just going to be normal after being disconnected?

10-13-06, 11:42 AM
It'll probably act a little funny for a while until it relearns the idle and engine.. There's nothing you need to do that it can't do on it's own.

10-15-06, 08:43 AM
d/c the battery before you touch it!

10-15-06, 10:28 PM
Really? OK will I loose me radio settings and memory stuff by doing that? Will I loose my NAV saved locations?

10-16-06, 02:57 PM
idk about that but before touching that plug d/c the battery or you could spark shorting your pcm which isnt cheap to replace, but if your d/cin your pcm you will lose all that anyways.

10-16-06, 04:02 PM
A 9v battery plugged into cigarette lighter will save normal car settings - don't know about NAV however I would guess so. Be sure polarity matches.

10-16-06, 05:43 PM
Interesting. I don't think that stuff is stored in the PCM that would more likely be stored in the BCM or another proprietary module. The 9v battery idea is interesting and provides a way to d/c the battery without loss.

I can not loose my NAV stuff. I know that sounds whiny but theres stuff in there that I was only able to mark after going to the place.

Is it a fact that the PCM does have to be disconnected to change the CAI? I don't have it in my hand yet so I can't look at it.

10-17-06, 06:49 PM
I am not sure which car you are talking about, but on my 94 roadmaster I
just pull the ECM fuse from the fuse box and that cuts power just to the ECM.

On my 94 concours I just pull the ECM-Batt fuse and everything but the
ECM has power.

10-18-06, 10:05 AM
I would copy the actual coordinates (lat/lon) of your nav places you don't want to lose, just in case.

10-21-06, 06:21 AM
The 9v battery won't work on these cars. It would be drained near instantly, plus they disconnect the lighter after a few minutes. Even just the accessory power relay would kill it.

10-21-06, 02:38 PM
Isn't the PCM under the air box? Why would it need to be disconnected if you are removing the air box?