: Oil in the coolant. Oil in spark plug wells.

10-12-06, 04:34 PM
Oil in coolant = White foamy sludge in the coolant tank.
its most likely the Oil Cooler failing.
ITs good to check the oil filler for mayo. IF water is mixing with oil It might be the head gasket.

Ive had slow droping of oil level and also coolant level further pointing to oil cooler.

Here is a post on how to replace the cooler
Changing the Oil cooler on an Omega V6 - Pics to follow - Vauxhall Owners Network (http://www.vauxhallownersnetwork.co.uk/showthread.php?t=63566)

Oil in the spark plug wells is due to valve gasket failure usualy caused by blocked breathers.
need to replace gaskets, spark plug leads (pricey)
and clean breathers
How 2 on valve gaskets
cleaning breathers is found at the end of the post.
brits call them crank cam covers instead of valve

Im looking around the net for the best deal on the various parts needed.
looks like $60 for an oil cooler (rockauto.com)
And im guessing the kit comes with various o rings and gaskets. $19
$40 valve gaskets

If anyone knows a good place to buy these parts PLS let me know.