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10-12-06, 02:47 AM
Ok what I'm trying to do is keep my stock non-bose stereo but hook up two 10 in. subs and amp. I have all my wires run from the battery to the trunk (amp) and my speaker wires from the amp to the stereo area. By the way I have no clue where to connect the ground wire, sorry this is my first audio install. So my main question is, in the back of my stereo there are two connectors w/ like 10 wires (exaggerating) coming out and one antenna (i think) wire. Now where the hell am I supposed to hook into this?

If anyone is wondering why im not just switching head units, it's because im just running my ipod through the tape deck (no not itrip b/c the quality SUX).

10-12-06, 09:45 AM
You can buy anotehr HU and a $10 AUX plug for your Ipod.

Anyways, you need a LOC (Line-out converter) to hook up your amp. Your wire it up from your rear speakers. Or sub is you got one.

Run your ground to anywhere you want, just find a spot, sand it down to shiny bare metal and bolt it down.

10-12-06, 01:08 PM
Well where can I buy a line out converter? and how much are they? it would be nice to know this buy 4 PM today :p cuz i have to do a lot of work on the ol' caddy today. Thanks.