: Failure to Start Issue Resolved

10-11-06, 08:32 PM
Car wouldn't start last Thursday.
Started fine Friday morning and we went on a 800 mile trip.
Got back Sunday and the car wouldn't start that night.
Wouldn't start Monday morning.
Driver Info Center said,
"Starting Disabled-Remove Key"
car started right up at dealership after being towed.
Put it on the scanner:
"Theft Learn Problem- Had Internal T-2 Failure-Per SPS-Tech Line"
"Reprogram PCM- Relearn Theft System"

10-13-06, 01:59 PM
My wife had a similiar experience with our SRX. Had it towed to dealer and it started for them. The dealership tried later on in the day and it would not start. They traced it to a bad starter (they say) which I question very much with no prior starter issues and only 18K miles on the Odometer.

Anyway, just another experience.

10-22-06, 05:43 PM
OK. this is happening to my husband right now.

just purchased used 04 SRX AWD 35000 miles. New to this site.

DH stopped at a gas station, turned the car off and attempted to turned it back on and - nothing.

The dash board lights are on and the headlights on with the keys out of the ignition.

Called OnStar and they are sending a tow.

Anything he should try? They said a tow truck would be there within the hour. Anything he should try before they come?

10-23-06, 12:02 PM
Tell them to check for open campaigns on your vehicle.
For 04 and some 05s there is an updated ECM calibration to prevent the loss of the "password" information causing a no start condition.
It's likely the campaign has not been done causing an intermittent theft deterrent problem.

10-24-06, 01:35 PM
Thanks, ewill3rd, we will do this. BTW, the tow truck arrived that night and supposedly gave my husband a boost. Vehicle started up and he came home. Cars been running ever since. We will still check into the information you provided though.