: simple quick question...#2 cylinder.....

10-11-06, 05:52 PM
what side of the engine is the #2 cylinder while facing the front of the car? driver side or passenger side? i got a "low voltage on #2 cylinder" code that basicaly says it could be any of the coils in the bank. i have (in my hand) a brand new set of coils. you can not buy just one coil .....you have to buy all four. the check engine light came on and you can feel (so very slightly )a miss here and there. i removed the coils and checked the wirring harness......used dielectric grease on reassembly with no relief. i did both sides. so what side is what? let me know what you guys think. could it be something else?

10-11-06, 09:05 PM
cmon....somebody.....anybody!!! are there any identification marks on the plugs/coils/wirring harness/ anything? or is it just up to how GM decides what to call each cylinder? i know fords but are GMs the exact oposite? :banghead: help a:cookoo: fellow cadillac enthusaist in on this little "secret"

10-12-06, 06:49 AM
firing order is 12734568 and number 2 should be drivers side first cylinder on a v8

10-12-06, 11:01 PM
firing order is 12734568 and number 2 should be drivers side first cylinder on a v8

Thanks for the quote above. I saw this request and thought to answer it by checking with my 3 volume SRX service manual; but I gave up after a looong look. I find almost everything that you might wish to know....but da**d, if I could find the either the firing order or which cylinder is number 2.

10-13-06, 06:08 PM
yes...thanks you guys. i did not have the sucess i was hoping for though. i pulled a code for "low voltage to #2 cylinder" this translates to (it could be any cylinder in this bank) so i bought the whole 4 coils (you have to) and put them on the driver side bank. it still runs with a slight flutter so i havent fixed a thing. i will swap sides to see if that is the problem and after that..................ehhhh