: Just Saw the '07 Sport

10-11-06, 02:20 PM
My dealer got about 8 '07 SRXs in and they have a black v6 Sport.
The front is pretty neat looking, especially with body color grille.
The rear fascia has huge pipes and a mesh type grille.

I like the new style cashmere interior much much better than the grey.
The steering wheel is even a slightly different color.
And at 6'8" there is no legroom difference with the slightly wider console.

10-11-06, 06:01 PM
hows about dropping back in and hooking us up with some pictures?

10-11-06, 08:09 PM
I'll try, but I'm going out of town Friday.
I am wondering if I would like the normal front fascia with a body color
grille more than the squared off lower fascia with it's leading edge protruding out and being parallel to the ground.
I almost thinkthe Sport fascia is a little over the top for a Cadillac.

The exhaust pipes are huge and thick. They must be 4" in diameter.

This was a V6 with the regular 18" wheels not the 20" ones.

And I think my favorite SRX wheels are still the '04-'05 V8 18" wheels.

I am leaning toward a Silver V6 with the Driver's Package and maybe buying a Sport grille and then having it painted body color.
I could then by some 255 tires for the front and have a SRX that would definitely look different than the average.

Even though the 18" Sport Package is only $1805, mine would be a good bit cheaper(although it wouldn't have the rear fascia)
and it wouldn't have the chrome luggage rack insert(which I don't like).

10-12-06, 07:46 PM
I am wondering if I would like the normal front fascia with a body color

My wife's '02 SLS grille is body color - when the SRX and SLS are parked next to each other (both black) the body color grille of the SLS is visually more appealing. Since I purchased the SRX, I've been thinking of having the grille painted, but haven't done anything about it. If the Sport had Brembos I'd almost think about trading out, but it doesn't and I think I'm pretty close to confirming everything needed to adapt a set of "V series" Brembos to my '05 AWD.