: Volant Intake V6 SRX - pricing

10-11-06, 02:01 PM
Does anyone know where I can pickup a Volant Intake for a 2006 V6 SRX for a great price? Ebay has it for $293 shipped. THANKS!:D

10-11-06, 08:23 PM
Anything under $300 is probably a good price , however I will sell you one for $200 just to get out of it if you really want to do it...
Only used two weeks and the check engine light came on...found the sleeve between the air duct and mass air flow sencor was about 3/4" too short to stay connected..
Dealer made me take it off as they would not continue to reset check engine light..contacted Volant and they said they would send a longer one , however they sent the same length again (3-1/4") needs 4"..In the short time I had it on I could not detect any improvement in power or gas mileage although it sounds hot when you push it down..(may have just talked myself out of a sale) ...by the way I contacted Premier Truck Accessories 3 times about returning it and now they will not call me back...Fax me at 425-337-1503 if interested.....PERK

10-11-06, 11:31 PM
I got my Volant from Premier Truck Accessories (David) at 888-345-4782 for 2005 SRX V8 ( V8 & V6 may not be the same) for under $300 shipped; my shipment contained 2 ea 3 1/2"dia x 3 1/4" neoprene sleeves; I called Volant directly at (909-476-7225), gave them my order no., explained the incorrect part, asked for a 3 3/4" dia x 4+" sleeve; they shipped it that day; I received it 2 days later; all then fit well. Installs in ~ 30 min.
I found mine too noisy until I isolated the box mounting with ~1/2" rubber washers & longer mounting bolts, installed a piece of sponge rubber between the CAI box & car frame to eliminate the structure borne noise. Now quiet ~ stock, unless really stand on the gas; then significant air intake noise.
Good luck.

10-13-06, 07:18 PM
In response to Al Perkins (username PERK) we would like to simply advise everyone that contrary to Al Perkins post, we have spoken to him about his problem with his intake and he unfortunately has left out the facts of this story.

We've spoken to Al Perkins on a few occasions up to and including September 13, 2006, October 12, 2006 and October 13, 2006. to which he followed up with a fax in his attempts to justify why after 3 months he is entitled to a refund on a product he has modified and installed yet wont accept a replacement.

While we could easily display the entire history of this situation with Al Perkins, we have decided that in the interest of everyone, we would not disclose the information in a public forum.

While it is apparent that there are some issues with some of the Volant Kits (as seen above from our customer robhersch) these issues are out of our control. We do not manufacturer the products. As Rob stated above, he contacted Volant who then shipped him the replacement piece and all was good.

When a customer has a problem with a product, if we are aware of a fix or update that has been released, depending on the manufacturer we refer them directly to the manufacturer. Volant will not issue “updated” components of their kits to dealers, they prefer to handle them in house; where-as AirAid Filter Company or a number of other manufacturers provide these product updates to their dealers which then makes the entire process easier for everyone involved.

Once a customer has been referred to the manufacturer for the replacement part and we do not hear back from the customer we don’t think twice about it.
Then all of a sudden a couple of months have passed and the customer contacts us via FAX requesting a refund because of poor quality, fitment and service that he received from the manufacturer, yet is holding us (dealer) to the fire for a refund for quality control that is not in our control, wont accept a replacement and wants to return a modified, used product well outside ANY return period. We tend to find this a little unreasonable. (Most companies will not accept a return on any product that has been installed in the vehicle. No exceptions / no excuses -period. Most companies wont accept any type of return after 30 days regardless of the reason, let alone 3 months. We do make exceptions on a case by case basis; we have plenty of opened / used intakes in our warehouse to easily support that). However, when you deal with people whom are unreasonable, even more so when they use foul language with us on the telephone, hang up on us, continue to kill tree's which in turn is harassing our fax machine with ridiculous "letters" and insist it is our responsibility for the quality of the product etc etc. Come' on

We have thousands of satisfied customers, occasionally customers have issues with retailers / vendors, we do our best to resolve them. As we all know, once people start airing dirty laundry in forums - especially those people who are brand new to forums or long time members with minimal posts, there is usually another side to the story.

We appreciate the time you took to read this thread.

Should anyone have any questions or would like receive a copy of the "facts" of this situation along with Al Perkins faxes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Premier Truck Accessories

10-13-06, 07:58 PM

10-15-06, 01:44 PM
thanks, Eric.

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10-16-06, 11:20 PM
Eric & David, I'm still quite pleased with my SRX V8 Volant and with your service as well. I would also say that I have found you folks much more pleasurable to deal with than most auto parts houses, and I will continue to deal with you when I need again. keep up the good work.