: PSA: Need sensors?

10-10-06, 08:38 PM
Public service announcement: I've got some used sensors for 93-95 N*'s... A few TPS's. I won't charge much more than shipping for them. Also have an ISM.

Wouldn't hurt to have a spare or to test your problems...

(Also have new sensors for 96-2001+... but I've got to charge a bit more for those. ;) )

10-10-06, 09:57 PM
I thought maybe you had prostate trouble.

10-10-06, 10:36 PM
If I did, you'd be the first to know, dear. :suspense:


10-11-06, 07:57 PM
Got any ISCs yet?

10-11-06, 10:12 PM
Idle Speed Control (motor)? For what year?

10-12-06, 01:05 AM
O2 sensors? need 2, front intake manifold and before cat converter. 96 deville north*4.6

10-12-06, 12:31 PM
I have one o2 sensor, not sure what year it's from, but I don't think I'd trust it... You should pick them up new... I think ebay has ac delco ones for about $30-40.

10-12-06, 08:13 PM
95 Isc

10-12-06, 09:37 PM
I might... I have one from one of the early years. I'm not sure if they're all the same or not. I just listed it on ebay... also listed the two TPS' from those years that I have for $5 shipped. I've got a brand new TPS for 96-99 that I haven't listed that I'd part with for $10 shipped... I think they're about $30 new.