: Lagomorph! Jesda!!!

10-10-06, 11:26 AM
I've been wondering just what the hell one was, since Jesda keeps mentioning that my mother is one. :D I'd heard the word before but couldn't associate it with a definition in my brain.

Three interesting facts about family lagomorpha:

Cute little fuzzy looking things that would be great to feed to a snake.

In male lagomorphs, the males scrotum is in front of, rather than behind the penis.

They eat their own poop. First time droppings will be redigested "to obtain the most from their plant diet."

Rabbits and Hares and Pikas...

Huh, who'da thunk it?

10-10-06, 11:30 AM
so your mothers a Rabbit ? Does that make your dad a Eurovan ?

10-10-06, 11:44 AM
After the tubgirl thing I stopped Googling anything Jesda throws out there. :suspense:

10-10-06, 12:01 PM
i knew from day one to never google anything to do with jesda ....im still to scared to look up anything for a q45 ...never know it may be some sort of tawianeese word for cow orgy or something

10-10-06, 12:32 PM
Nahhh, wikipedia is great. The tubgirl thing, I didn't actually have to go to the website, its actually on wikipedia and it basically says don't go there and stop reading now. Then it goes on to tell you what tubgirl is about.

Wikipedia is my friend.

10-10-06, 12:58 PM

had to look it up as it came up here so many times .....glad i hit wilkapeida first ...never would have gotten over seeing what they described

10-10-06, 06:24 PM
After the tubgirl thing I stopped Googling anything Jesda throws out there. :suspense:

I thought I was the only one that fell for that crap. To this day I can't stand Starbuck's lattes.

10-11-06, 04:04 AM
I'd love to have a forescrotum!

10-11-06, 09:49 AM
Thankfully I was informed of tubgirl along time ago or else I would have googled it. I already knew whata lagamorph was and although I can't remember for the life of my why. Might have been the ten years of Jeopardy and encyclopedia reading. Seriously....dialysis 20 hours a week for 3 and a half years you gotta read something.

10-11-06, 10:21 AM

Here is some of the famous ones, scroll down.

Shock site - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shock_site)

10-11-06, 10:27 AM
I'd love to have a forescrotum!

And what exactly would you do with it? I've been wondering what service that serves. If you are an animal with your belly towards the ground wont it make your schlong drag, talk about chaffeing.