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10-09-06, 10:36 PM
Hey everyone, I am one of the proud & brave that bought a Catera with a broken cup holder. It took many many minutes before I could deal with it no longer. I checked ebay to find that people are willing to pay $70+ to keep a drink in their car. That's insane. So I thought up a couple good solutions for a replacement. The idea came from a Firebird that I once owned that had the cupholders on the lower part of the door (see where I'm going with this). I also remembered a dual adjustable cupholder that I once had in another car & how much I liked it. I thought to myself, that it would be perfect if I could somehow cut it in half & use one side for each door. Went to autoparts store the next day & after about an hour with a dremel (I'm sure a box knife would work too) I had cup holders. Not only that, but it worked great. I can now hold 52oz. QT sodas in my car & larger. All for about $5-10 at the local auto retailer (got mine at Advanced Autoparts/Parts America). Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures while doing the install, so I'm going to show a few stock pics & hope creativity will take over.

Here's a pic of the cupholder
First you need to cut it in half here
Next trim them to fit the doors, each side of the car will be different. I had to trim more off on the speaker side & less off on the other side (remember, it's easier to cut than add)
Then the last step is to screw it in. Conveniently, there is a screw hole in the middle of where the cup will rest & so I used one drywall screw straight into the map pocket (had to strech it out a little ways, but it worked). Then, I ran another screw at an angle through the little holes in the corner near the door like below
Here's what I ended up with

Here's a link to the cupholder on Amazon
I also found this on ebay that looks like it would work too with less work (no cutting), but I don't think it'll have quite the same finish:
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ADJUSTABLE-CUP-HOLDER-BLACK-RVWHOLESALERS_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ50070QQih Z002QQitemZ4597406318

10-10-06, 08:57 PM
is it me or does your catera have cloth seats?

10-10-06, 09:13 PM
Why yes it does. I don't know why, but mine is one of the few. I actually prefer that anyhow.

10-11-06, 02:55 PM
i have never seen one...nifty...

11-16-06, 10:10 AM
I have the one that normalicy speaks of that can be purchased on e-bay. I bought mine at K-Mart a long time ago in there close-out section for a buck a piece. They work great and I have mine mounted right where normalicy has his/hers. You can sometimes find these at Big lots too.

11-16-06, 10:47 AM
I was starting to wonder if anyone was going to try this. It is really superior to using the factory cup holder IMO. And, yes, these things can be picked up just about anywhere that sells auto accessories. I've seen them at K-mart, Walmart, Autozone, Advanced Autoparts, Big Lots, & other places. One thing to note that I've been noticing lately. Don't close the door too hard with a fairly full drink in the holder. It'll splash up & out onto the floor & door. I usually bring my drink in & out of the car with me, so I hadn't noticed until my wife did it.

11-16-06, 04:06 PM
I forgot to say that