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10-09-06, 04:21 PM
i'm just sorta curious...i've noticed that some caddys have ornamants and some have emblams on the grill..i've figured that out..seems to be a model difference..like sts vs sls...but how come some people have gold caddy emblams, whereas others, like me, have a silver emblam on the grill? was this just a model year change..i have a 97 sts

ElDawgg 2G
10-09-06, 09:45 PM

Factory program designed to help long time owners display their loyalty to Cadillac.

Called a "Heritage of Ownership" medallion it is a solid brass circular emblem, with a raised circle, within a circle, it has the words "Cadillac Heritage of Ownership" around the outside and roman numerals on the inside. The roman numerals are supposed to represent how many Cadillacs you have owned - starting with I thru XVII, there are also inserts with only the Cadillac script on it and another one labeled "Master Owner".

It can only be ordered by the New Car department of a dealership, and is given out to repeat customers; it comes in a gift box with mounting hardware and instructions. Included within the gift box is a card with the Cadillac wreath and crest.

10-10-06, 07:22 AM
Dawg, you are absolutely correct, but I think original poster was asking about the actual Cadillac Wreath & Crest emblem that's centered on the grill or the hood.

I'm probably wrong, but I'd bet that the color of it is driven by some optional appearance package. I have seen some older (pre 2000) Caddys with gold emblems and scripts but it seems to be rarer nowadays.

All of the aforementioned items have been silver/chrome on my three rides...

10-10-06, 07:51 AM
Yes it is a color package. I have seen Eldos and Seville of the same year at dealerships with diff color trims, gold or chrome.

10-10-06, 03:59 PM
ok, thanks everyone...you've all settled it for me..i did know about the heritage thing, i saw that on this forum somewhere..i just couldn't figure out silver vs gold

personally, on my black seville sts with chrome rims, i'm glad i have the silver emblem as oppossed to the gold..i think it looks sharp on that black grill :)