: Fall In Central Ontario

ted tcb
10-08-06, 10:22 PM
I went for a walk with my wife and daughter today, and had the camera out.
Nothing better than 70f, with the smell of pine needles and smoking chimneys in the air.
Where we live is about 2 hours straight north of Toronto ... cottage country, except we live here year round.

What a great time of year up here ... most of the cottagers have retired for the season, and its very tranquil.

10-09-06, 12:21 AM
Nice. I like rain and 50 degrees though.

10-09-06, 12:33 AM
I really like that 3rd pic :thumbsup:

10-09-06, 02:56 AM
Nice photos!

What kind of dog is that? I'm hungry.

10-09-06, 07:12 AM
Thanks for sharing. That is the one thing I miss most here in Florida. Season changes.

10-09-06, 07:27 AM
i could show you some pics of dead grass and cactus ;)

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10-09-06, 08:16 AM
^^ :lol:

Nice scenery though.

10-09-06, 09:06 AM
Yep, it has been a BANNER weekend in Ontario - 3 whole days of PERFECT Fall weather. Although I have spent most of it indoors, unfortunately. Let me explain:

I bought a 42" plasma TV back in July. That is where the saga truly began - and Brougham can back up the following info. No sooner did I get the TV delivered than wifey decided that the TV room needed to be painted. Thank God we've had a hot summer - couldn't do it then, but now have no more excuses. So the room gets painted.

Also bought a new DVD player (OPPO 971D) and a new set of surround sound speakers. Wifey didn't like the black finish on the speakers, so they're getting veneered with Curly Cherry - to go with the TV cabinet. Got the Professional Calibrator coming this Friday to do a tweeking number on the TV.

So, this weekend I am painting the TV room, veneering and finishing 5 speakers, hooking up and configuring the new upconverting DVD player,,,,,,,,,,I'm exhausted.

ted tcb
10-09-06, 10:54 AM
Jesda, that dog would be our golden doodle, Benji.
Here's a pic of him as a pup ... basically, a golden retriever
crossed with a standard poodle.
Very nice, docile, intelligent dogs.

Off I go on Thansgiving Monday to start raking ... I
should be done by Xmas:)

10-09-06, 10:59 AM
cute puppy and very nice photos of the scenery around you. How lucky you are to live in a serene peaceful setting. I live right on the main drag of the police and fire departments. Every parade our city has runs right in front of my house. I get blocked in or blocked out for 2 hours at a time with those damn parades!

10-09-06, 11:52 AM
aww I love your dog and the pictures. It must be nice to be all by yourself out there. I'd take anyday to go out there, sadly I'm on college campus right outside chicago... not very relaxing and scenic in the means of trees.

ted tcb
10-09-06, 01:32 PM
Oh, well ... at least you've got NFL and great deep dish pizza.
Although, your winters are probably as bad as ours ... maybe
even worse, with the winds off the big lake.

10-09-06, 02:20 PM
Oh, well ... at least you've got NFL and great deep dish pizza.
Although, your winters are probably as bad as ours ... maybe
even worse, with the winds off the big lake.

Yeah but I'm transferring to PA for college so I can avoid the horrid chicago man winter!:D

**My 100th Post**

10-09-06, 02:33 PM
Where in PA? Not too much of a change in winter if you ask me...Cold is Cold!

10-09-06, 02:54 PM
Pittsburgh area