View Full Version : 300 miles through the Australian outback... in reverse

10-08-06, 05:01 PM
Man Tries to Drive 310 Miles in Reverse
By Associated Press
Fri Oct 6, 6:25 PM

SYDNEY, Australia - A 22-year-old man attempted to drive 310 miles in reverse on a remote Outback highway after his transmission failed, blocking his forward gears, police said Friday. The man was stopped by Western Australia state police on Thursday afternoon after they spotted his car roaring in reverse down the highway at about 40 mph, according to a statement.

He was en route to the state capital, Perth, when his transmission failed outside a restaurant in the Outback town of Kalgoorlie, about 300 miles away, according to media reports.

Rather than call a mechanic, the man opted to continue driving, in reverse.

Police said they stopped the man, whose identity was not immediately released, outside the nearby town of Coolgardie, about 12 miles from where his backward journey began.

A breath test for alcohol proved negative, but the man was charged with reckless driving and other traffic offenses, police said. He was ordered to appear before the Coolgardie Magistrates Court on Monday.

10-08-06, 05:24 PM
I saw this the other day...I did it once too...lost forward gears in a 73 Jeep Cherokee. Drove home about forty miles in reverse, using my headlights as brakelights. Didn't get pulled over though. :)

10-08-06, 05:44 PM
Haha, that's cool.

10-08-06, 06:20 PM
I got stuck one winter in the Q and decided to drive the rest of the 3 miles home in reverse, simulating a FWD car. By golly it freaking worked.

10-08-06, 06:30 PM
That happened to me with my 92T-bird. I got a mile out of the trip before I approched a high traffic area and had to call the tow truck.

10-09-06, 08:48 AM
I have always wanted to drive a RWD Eldo. So if I put it in reverse...

10-09-06, 09:15 AM
I dunno how people get going that fast in reverse. Move the wheel 10 degrees doing 40mph and you're gonna roll the car..

10-09-06, 10:29 AM
Yea, I've had a few close calls while humming right along in reverse...but, just like anything, practice makes ya better! We had a whole lot of acreage to play on and we used to do it for fun.

10-09-06, 10:38 AM
gotta practice the rockfords! And if you know what a Rockford is you'll know why it pertains here....