: Squeal/ High pitched V6 STS

10-08-06, 10:46 AM
2005 V6 STS with 5400 mi. Purchased new 3/06.
There exists a very high pitched squeal coming from the front end of the engine. Heard equally well left and right front. It seems harder to hear front centrally.
It is never there when cold.
It is not always there when warm.
Air conditioner on or off makes no difference.
I cannot hear it most of the time (older male ears) but my son and wife hear it clearly. Honestly, I would not have noticed it if my son and wife had not brought it to my attention. They can hear it with the hood closed but better when open. Sometimes it is louder than other times or at least more obvious. This is the only time that I have heard it.
I have heard it when I put my ear at either front corner of the engine cover.
It only can be heard at idle.
It disappears when the engine is revved (gone? or just hidden in routine engine sounds?)
The longer the trip the more likely to hear it. It appears that the engine must be fully up to temp but I can't be 100% certain it is related to engine temp. If I turn off the engine for a few minutes and restart it the noise is not as easily heard or not heard at all.
We, son and I, have listened with a stethoscope with engine cover on and off. It is not heard thru the stethoscope at any location.
It is not apparently coming from any pulley, belt, air conditioner compressor or alternator. We question whether it is coming from the top front of the engine itself, internally?
Is this typical for this engine?
The car runs perfectly. It would take a mechanic with good ears to hear it well.
ewill3rd -any comments would be appreciated.

10-08-06, 12:38 PM
I have a V6 also, it seems like that is a belt squel. Some times when a new belt is put on it and is driven around for a while it gets looser and may need to be adjusted. But before that, pick up a can of belt greaser(it makes the belt grab better) if it stops the squeling then the belts may need to be tightened.


10-08-06, 02:09 PM
I thought that these were self adjusting belts with tensioners. How does one adjust these? I will have to look closer at the belt system. If it is a belt could it mean that I have a weak tensioner?
My experience with a slipping belt in older cars is that it gets louder when the engine is revved. My squeal seems to disappear with any revving of the engine when the car is in park. It has not been heard inside the car when travelling down the road.
I will give the belt degreaser a try but somehow it does not seem to be coming from the belts. A simple easy thing to try anyway.


10-08-06, 06:39 PM
Went to find the belt product and was told that the belt products that make a belt grab better are not to be used on the serpentine belts just on the old v-belts. So I will not be trying that solution. I still am not thinking the sound is from a belt but I have no solution yet. Again, it could not be localized with a stethoscope.


10-25-06, 09:54 PM
You can't adjust the belt.

Try having someone move the steering wheel a small amount while you listen outside at idle.

I'd check the power steering fluid also.