: wireless ipod support for the catera? this might do the trick! >>>

10-08-06, 10:23 AM
a bluetooth cassette adapter! insert this into your catera's cassette deck, fit a bluetooth transmitter to your ipod...voila! wireless ipod connectivity to all your tunes.

i have yet to find it on the market for purchase, but it's a great idea!

Abe BT 80C Bluetooth Stereo Cassette (link) (http://gadgets.pdablast.com/articles/2005/3/200533-Bluetooth-Cassette-Adapter.html)

Now you can listen to your favorite MP3 tunes through any ordinary cassette tape recorder. The Abe BT 80C Bluetooth Stereo Cassette wirelessly connects Bluetooth-enabled music players or PC to your car or home stereo tape recorder. Just put the Bluetooth Stereo Cassette into any cassette tape recorder, pair and connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled audio devices such as MP3, PDA, CD or PC, you are ready to enjoy your digital music with full sound and convenience.


Support HSP, HF, A2DP and AVDTP
Implements SBC codec and MP3 decoder specified in A2DP
Interoperates with both Bluetooth cell phones and A2DP enabled audio devices
Efficient power management for low-power operation
Incorporates audio playback at 16 bit, 44.1 KHz (max) for HiFi