: Hello Caddy lovers

10-08-06, 08:55 AM
I am very glad to have found this website. I am a big Cadillac Fanatic, I have owed a1975 coupe with a monster 500 in it, and even a 1983 Cimmaron very small engine 1.3 I think. I am now the pround owner of a 1986 Coupe Deville which I am in the process of restoring. not a frame up, just an original resto.
I have the service manual and body book for that year. if I can help anyone please feel free to ask. I am doing the engine work myself with a good friend of mine.

If you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty, and you need some info let me know.


10-10-06, 10:09 PM
Welcome Pat!

Sounds like you have had the biggest and the smallest Cadillac's! Good luck with the resto.