: Catera Center Caps

10-08-06, 01:10 AM
I own a 2000 Catera with the chrome wheel option. The wheels are badly pitted and the Cadillac emblems on the center are either peeling or missing.
Where would I be able to purchase them at? I seen somewhere in this forum
that parts like that are very hard to come by. Some dealers don't stock them any more. Thx for the replies. New to this forum btw.

10-08-06, 03:17 PM
My suggestion would be to call around and try to find a set at an auto graveyard or wrecking yard.

Wrecking yards today, at least the larger ones, have a "teletype service" where they can be in contact with distant yards and sometimes locate parts that way. If the parts you need are not in stock locally, I mean. These are not heavy and should not cost much to ship, if that were necessary.

Good luck!:thumbsup: