: Fog lights, tail lights, high beam, corner blinker all out at same time

10-07-06, 07:15 PM
So I decided to get new bulbs for my fog lamps, as they've been out since I got the 2000 Catera about five months ago. So my brother and I jacked it up and replaced the bulbs. I tested them and this aweful whining noise started when I pushed the fog lamp button. The fog lamps did not turn on. For some reason, I turned on the brights while the fog lamps were on and the whining stopped. But my brother noticed a high beam bulb was out. It never was before, as I've used them before.

Then, that night, I decided to check all the lights. The rear running lights work. However, the brake lights do not light up, including the center "bar" light. The corner blinker light (on right-front quarter panel) is also out.

Just last night, I turned on the car and the auto lights warning light came on on the dash. I hit the fog light button (again, for some reason) and they came on. Apparently, the fog light button was pushed again. So that's weird...

The guys at the Cadillac dealer that I get my car worked on at say all the bulbs are out. I find that hard to believe. And I need to get an electrician to check it out.

What do you guys think of this?

10-07-06, 10:57 PM
Did you check the fuses?

Also this may sound dumb but did you push the off button directly next to the fog light button and not realize it?

10-09-06, 12:32 PM
Cadillac dealer techs said they checked the fuses, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to check myself.

Also... Yes, I'm sure that wasn't done. =]

10-15-06, 12:34 AM
Checked all fuses. All fuses checked out fine, except RH high-beam. Purchased a pair of new OEM stop lamp / tail lamp bulbs. Put 'em in and still didn't work. The tail lights work (except middle bar), but not of the stop lamps work.

Got any ideas? I really can't afford to take it in again. This car has costed me over $300 in repairs and I've only had it for five months. The auto electric shop I went to in order to see how much it would cost, was $78 to diagnose, then labour and parts for them to fix.