: DIRTY rims

10-06-06, 11:58 PM
Hi. i have the regular 7 spoke alluminum rims on my V8 STS. I am having a lot of trouble keeping them clean. They always have a black greasy substance on them. Any Suggestions? It's greatly appreciated. THanks!

10-07-06, 09:18 AM
I think it's just brake dust. Don't know of any solutions, but I've never seen anything like it either.

10-07-06, 01:27 PM
There are several threads on wheel cleaning and build up on the site. Run a search for some light reading and no full answers.

Folks have tried various pad combinations and such but dust build-up and road grime like the STS.

I use wheel wax usually twice a month and then a terry towel daily to do a quick wipe off. Then just regular vehicle soap and water when I wash it.

No silver bullets so far...

10-08-06, 07:57 AM
You can remove brake dust from your STS's wheels by just spraying "SIMPLE GREEN" onto the wheels and the brake dust will just disolve away, then spray water onto the wheel and the brake dust is washed away and gone and the wheels are shining,glowing and sparkling. I purchase my SIMPLE GREEN at Sam's Club.

10-09-06, 02:50 PM
So there is no known way to prevent this?

10-09-06, 07:09 PM
Not to be a wise guy but the only way you can prevent brake dust is don't apply the brakes. All cars have some amount of brake dust, some have more than others. I wash my car at least once a week and have no problem.

10-28-06, 10:07 AM
:) If you're really upset about
cleaning off brake dust with Meguiar's Hot Rims or similar product,
perhaps you may want to investigate the possibility of installing
ceramic brake pads.

10-28-06, 11:59 AM
I use a cleaner from the local Harley shop. It is a milky white and not only cleans the rims up great, but keeps the brake dust from sticking.

Not sure what the name of the stuff is. I split a bottle with a buddy who has a Harley as a bottle lasts up to 2 years. You only need to use it about every 3 months.