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10-06-06, 11:36 AM
Has anyone in this forum replaced their timing belt and/or tensioners? If yes then did you use the Baum (4145) timing tool kit? I've spoken friends who own cars in which they have replaced the timing belts without any alignment type tools.

One popular method that seems reasonable is to clearly place a mark on the timing belt and each cam gear. Also mark the main crank and corresponding belt location. Then take the old belt off the engine and transfer the marks to the new belt. Now the new belt can be installed, the marks lined up and all this should gaurantee that everything is timed correctly.

The only reason I'm not 100% comfortable with this method is that the GM service manual instructs to check the timing with the tool and make any adjustments to the tensioners if required. Since I would be replacing the tensioners it seems that the tool would be required to make sure the engine is timed correctly.

Please advise.

10-06-06, 10:44 PM
If you're one of the special few folks out there, those with extraordinary mechanical aptitude, you can do the job without the tool. Don't ask me for details as to how; I am not among that select group.

For the rest of us schlubs with just routine mechanical aptitude, well, we need to use the tool. To have any chance of getting it all put back together right, I mean.

Close. That's probably about the best I could do without the tool.
But close is for dancing. It's not good enought for Catera cam timing. You gotta get those puppies spot on . . . SPOT ON!