: Bluetooth - Connection Failure??

10-05-06, 12:28 PM
Hey guys, great forums!! I'm here b/c I'm having no luck w/ my bluetooth, and I need your help.

I've been trying to install this thing all day.....I can get my '07 STS to find the phone (Motorola Q), and the phone to find the car, but I consistently get a "connection failure".

I've tried changing the pass-key from 1234 to 9999...still no dice.

Is there any secret to getting this Bluetooth to work w/ my STS?

10-05-06, 10:18 PM
You have to select connect on the bluetooth screen first and then select the cadillac STS from within your phone...This is the only way to get it to work...Anyways, I found out today that there is a PI listed at cadillac and they are currently working on the echo issues with the bluetooth phones...It is very sad that we have a $60K car and have to hear constant echoing...I have to go to verizon on Monday and they are going to try different phones to see which one has the least echoing...You would think that this was all tested before cadillac implemented the bluetooth along with onstar....Has anyone tried connecting the new KRZR from verizon?

10-06-06, 05:50 AM
Oh that's a windows mobile... try changing the passkey to 99999999 ... most probably will work

try connecting both ways from phone and car...

10-06-06, 02:04 PM
Wish I could be more help but my Q was able to establish pairing on the first go and hasn't had any issues in that regard.

I did not have to change the passcode and actually ran the discovery from the phone to the car to connect and then set as default of course.

I am sure you probably have but...

On your Q:

Make sure in the Bluetooth "settings" menu the "allow other BT devices..." check box is selected. Mine wasn't when out of the box.

Also, under "Paired Devices/Properties", ensure the "Connections Authorized" checkbox is also selected. You can only do this once the intial discovery is made.

Good luck and let us know if/when you get it working and how!

10-06-06, 02:38 PM
I just bought a Treo 700P last weekend from Verizon. It connected right away and works great. No echo. Very happy with its operation!

10-06-06, 04:03 PM
I just bought a Treo 700P last weekend from Verizon. It connected right away and works great. No echo. Very happy with its operation!

That's the beauty of various BT issues. Not everyone is effected.

I tried both the 700P and 700W on my 05 and 06 with no luck. There are several threads on the Trio's and various success failure stories as well.

Just hope your phone doesn't have to be replaced!...:canttalk:

Midlife Z06
10-07-06, 10:01 PM
Don't forget to set your phone as the "default" if you want it to connect automatically every time. It is possible to only have one device yet not have it listed as a default.

10-19-06, 08:56 AM
I just recently bought the STS 2007 & I can't get the Bluetooth to work with my Verizon Treo 650. It shows up in my Treo but the car doesn't find my phone. I have followed the book step by step but no luck. So that is issue number 1. (((help))) The dealer really wasn't clear on the bluetooth. Would someone tell me exactly how the function works when it is finally workinig???

10-21-06, 04:30 AM
make sure your Treo is in "show" status for bluetooth not "hide"... in other words, can be discovered by other devices...

10-28-06, 05:35 PM
The Treo web site notes that the Denso car kits (which GM use) are not compatible with the Treos. I got mine to work most of the time, but it's hit and miss. If it won't connect, try a hard reset on the phone (under the cover next to the battery) and try again.

10-31-06, 08:17 AM
Had the same issue with 05 STS and my cingular 8100. Went through the set up procedures for about three days. . . over and over again. Got the same connection failure message. Tried changing the 1234 to 9999 etc. . . Finally, for some unknown reason. It connected. May have been holding the unit about 4" from the navi screen. Wish I could be more help.

10-31-06, 09:24 AM
I posted this in another thread about the DVD issues, but I thought it was relevant to your post. A little background. I have a Samsung SCH-a950 which was paired with the STS from the day I picked up the car. When I went in for an unrelated service trip, the car came back unpaired and since then I have had nothing but trouble. Basically, the phone will pair with the car to start with, but incoming calls do not mute the radio, BT suddenly changes to private, the BT disconnects by itself, and the overall BT connection is spotty at best. The following was an eye-opener for me.

Did anyone know that the BT in this car is only "certified" on 4 phones? By the way those phones are no longer produced or supported by the manufactures or carriers. So if you are like me and have a phone purchased in the last 2 years, any BT issue that is about any phone outside the 4 supported is not their problem; so says Caddy and the Customer Service people. After countless hours, my only option would be to source one of the 4 phones and let the techs use it for diagnostic purposes, (absolutely ludicrous having to by a diagnostic tool for the dealer to use) or fill out the Better business complaint sent to me by Customer service.

10-31-06, 01:28 PM

my bt allowed an incoming call last night and did not mute the cd that was playing. 1st time that happened (05 STS owned for about 2 weeks). It did it again this morning with a cd in play. Not sure if same will happen with radio on. I will try that later today. Let me know what you find. I will do same.

10-31-06, 07:08 PM
New member here. Just bought a 2005 STS two weeks ago. I set up the driver 1 and driver 2 settings with two different cell phones. We both have Motorola E815 models through Verizon. They both work great. When my wife gets in the car her phone syncs automatically and when I get in the car my phone syncs automatically and they both work very well. Radio mutes and everything. I am now setting up nametags, but haven't tried to use them yet. One thing, instead of trying to program numbers and nametags into the STS's phone book, we can just push the voice button on the E-815 and use it's built in voice recognition and it works fine.


11-02-06, 08:52 AM
Sure, if you want to use the voice function on the phone. The point of the phonebook and voice tags is to NOT have to use the phone. I keep mine in my pocket and never use it when in the car. The VR works very well for the nametags and dialing in my 06, but the not muting and other radio gremlins is a new issue for me, but not for many others. This head is full of software bugs. I had on this morning where the display would not stop displaying loading disc 5. I had to turn off the radio, which did not stop the cd from playing, and turn it back on.

The real problem is the use of soft buttons. This head needs an update real bad. :mad:

Midlife Z06
11-07-06, 09:27 PM
My 06 STS bluetooth worked fine at first but now will not mute the radio when you use the softscreen to accept the incoming call. Not only will it not mute the call but it will not let you turn the radio down or off. Has anyone had this fixed or found a work around? So far I just hang up on them and then call them back on the phone "recent call" redial.

11-07-06, 10:21 PM
It's a very common issue with BT and the reason you cannot mute the radio is that the volume controls switch to the phone functionality once you accept the call.

There is no fix for this and GM/Techline occasionaly likes to insist that since the handset is responcible for commanding the radio to mute that it is the phones fault...

Welcome to the club...

01-02-07, 04:38 PM
My '05 STS is set up for use with 2 of Verizon's Motorola Razr V3Ms. I find that when my husband and I are both using the car, we experience the same problem with the radio or cd not muting when a call is answered. The easiest solution is to disconnect and reconnect the phone. It seems to resolve the problem until the next occurrence.

01-05-07, 07:48 PM
What I don't get is that the radio mutes when a call is coming in (but there is no audible ring), but when I answer the radio comes back on. Then I have no control over the volume. I never think to turn the radio off because it seems to have muted before I answer.

Another annoyance is when I am on my cell phone and approach my parked car. Before I even unlock the doors the car senses the phone and transfers it to BT. The result is that I cannot hear anything until I get in the car and start it -- then I can hear through the speakers. In my Toyota it would not transfer to BT until the car was on.

It just irks me that a $60K vehicle (by far the most expensive I've ever owned) has these kinds of problems. I miss my "cheap" Toyota when it comes to BT and other quality issues. No wonder Toyota is poised to be #1.

01-07-07, 09:18 PM
When the handset receives a call and initiates the BT link the head unit mutes the radio and passes through the ringtone if your handset is so equipped. If it cannot pass the ringtone you hear nothing.

Once the call is accepted the handset then sends a separate signal to the head unit to mute the radio and pass through the call audio thus a brief release of the muting.

The call transfer is definitely an annoyance as well especially when you are getting it washed and someone opens a door while you are within range...:bouncy: