: hello all from staten island ny

10-05-06, 08:30 AM

Matt here from Staten island NY ,Just got my hands on a great looking 1992 Sedan deville .I recently fell back in love with cadis after a friend bought a 2001 40000 mile STS from ebay in Chicago he flew me out to pick it up so I could split the drive back with him.What I bought looks great but seems to have a few mechanical issues that need to be ironed out .previous owner put new heads and head gaskets plus radiator but car is still showing signs of a blown head gasket although it runs and drives great .I came open your fine site trying to come up with info on what could be wrong with my new ride .already the site has given me some great info and I'm sure much more to come because if it is the head gasket I'm going to try to do it myself .

Again hello to all

10-10-06, 10:19 PM
Welcome Matty!

Thanks for joining the site. Thanks for the kind words about the site. You should find all of your answers here. Good luck.