View Full Version : Paint Peeling 93' DeVille

02-23-04, 03:03 PM
Help....I've had the car for 6 mos and it is beautiful, but suddenly the paint is peeling off en masse behind the rear wheel well, the side trim and under the license plate. Basically wherever there are plastic parts. Why is this happening? And what do I need to do to make her pretty again? Any advise would be much appreciated.

Night Wolf
02-23-04, 04:54 PM
the same thing is happening to my '93 CDV.... not sure what it is, and she is away for the winter for now, but that s defiitly domething that will be taken care of when she gets back on the road.... I was thinking of a clear coat type thing to cover the whole peeling area...

02-23-04, 05:10 PM
has your car ever been repainted? If so the painters might have just painted over the old stuff and after time the new paint will chip off. Thats whats happened to my car anyway.

Night Wolf
02-24-04, 09:05 PM
no way, the car was never repainted..... it is the origanal 1993-only "Slate Bronze metallic".....only 119 Coupes in were made int he color :banana:

02-24-04, 11:17 PM
lol, you sure do love that about your car dont you! lol, thats cool. I think its just something that happens to our 10 or 14 year old cars.