View Full Version : part out or keep 1998 catera

10-03-06, 11:24 AM
bought a 98 catera that quit running on the highway. it has oil and coolant mixed and the dealer told the owner it needed a new oil cooler. well i tore this car down and also removed the heads. so is this car worth fixing after i buy all the parts. i paid 1200 for it and it has 75000 miles. it will take proably another 1000 just in parts to fix. oil cooler, timing belt kit, hcv. etc.

10-03-06, 12:12 PM
You gotta tell us the cosmetic condition of the car. With that mileage we cannot know unless you tell us. Is this a pampered cream puff or was it "rode hard and put away wet" by the previous owners? How is the finish, the paint? How is the leather? Any dents, dings, or deep scratches.?

If it's a cream puff I'd probably give rebuilding a go. But if your car is showing every one of its miles, maybe smells a little inside from being wet because it never was garaged or the P/O smoked, or if it is all bleached out and spoiled from sitting too long in the sun, well, then I would part it out.

With a lot more miles you would part it out for sure. With really low miles you would fix it regardless. But you are kind of at that point in miles where cosmetic condition really counts for a lot.

Some posters here do not realize the impact of miles, condition, and model year on Cat prices. This stuff really matters. There are Cats out there for under a grand. There are Cats out there bringing circa eight grand.

It all depends on the specifics.

10-03-06, 05:35 PM
yeah you got a point as for the outside i would give it a 6 out of 10 as for the inside i would give it a 8. also i have no idea if the bottom half of the motor is still good or if the ac even works.