: A couple Nasty Problems! HELP!

10-02-06, 11:03 PM
I have a 2000 STS with 292,000 km. I have found when it is cold and my first move with the car when in reverse it will leak tranny fluid on the ground, and it's a little stream-trail. Now I always park so I move forward first and no leaks. Any ideas? Here is another Good One! One time a couple months ago I thought I give her a top speed run. I got up to about 130 mph and it was very close to red line - about to shift, next thing it starts to vibrate like a bearing going bad. I let off on the throttle and the vibration/hum slowed down as it shifted but didn't go away. I put my foot back into it to see and the vibration came right back strong. I slowed down to a stop and it went away. It acts like an engine related problem that didn't like the extended time running at high rpm. It hasn't done it since then but I also haven't pushed it to that point. I have pushed it through the gears to around 80 mph and works fine. It was a very noticable vibration/hum, not just a little thing. Any thoughts?

10-03-06, 10:25 AM
Straight road??

10-03-06, 04:43 PM
Just a a guess - it may be the over-rev control kicking in through the computer. You can get the same result by reving it way up in neutral and when the tach goes way up the engine feels like it is starving for fuel and it does the shake rattle and roll. I'ts a form of protection to keep the engine from over tach and floating the valves or doing other damage. The tranny leak may be a seal at the end of the axle shafts. But that's just a guess as well.

10-04-06, 05:29 PM
I wish it was the rev limiter but I'm afraid it's not. The engine was running and pulling the same except for the vibration. It was still doing it with the throttle off and coasting, it didn't stop until I started to brake and slowed to a stop. From that time I haven't pushed her that far and haven't had the MEAN vibration come back. I'm sure one day I will have to deal with it. (Murphy's Law)
Ya, the tranny leak is wierd how it only leaks when the car is moved in Reverse on it's first movement when cold. Might be a seal, maybe softens when warms up and doesn't leak. Here's hoping some others have had these same prob's and could fill me in! Thanx