: Best All-Season Tire for Catera?!?!?!

10-02-06, 11:52 AM
I desperately need new tires for my car, as one had a hole in it, and i am driving on my spare now. I have an '01 Catera Sport. I need all-season tires, as i will be driving in snowy conditions, i live in northern Wisconsin, and we get alot of snow. I need performance, too. Just wondering what you guys are running and if you like them. Thansk Alot

10-02-06, 01:30 PM
I run mine on BF Goodrich Traction T/As

BFGoodrich Tires | Traction T/A® | Tire Overview (http://www.bfgoodrichtires.com/overview/traction-t-a/2136.html)

10-02-06, 02:32 PM
How are they in performance and handling at speed in dry and wet weather? Are they good in snowy conditions?? I need a good all-around tire, as i drive this car year-round. Thanks

10-02-06, 02:52 PM
Good, Ottawa Canada weather tire (I think we get worse weather than you do...)

I like the handling, I have the V rated... but might go for H next time ( a bit less expensive and honestly H (130mph) is realistic for my needs... I do cruise close to 150-160 kph (100mph) on occasion, highway... but getting rarer and rarer... LOL

They look good also, nice aggressive thread....

10-02-06, 07:04 PM
Ok, i narrowed it down to 3 choices....

BF Goodrich Traction T/A - I cant get all 4 of these installed for $540

Kumho Ecsta ASX - I can get 4 installed for $484. I have these on my car now and have no comlaints at all about them

Avon Tech M550 - No price on these yet, but they are supposed to be pretty affordable and well-priced, and on tirerack.com, they are getting great reviews.

Now let me know what you all think!!!

Thanks Guys

10-04-06, 10:59 PM
Traction T/As as well here as well, in Cleveland. They do handle nicely, with the only downside being they're a bit loud, road noise-wise.

10-05-06, 11:17 AM
My michelin pilot Z's were absolutely great traction in all conditions and lasted 45,000 mi. However, too expensive. This time I got Yokahama Avid V4's at tire rack. Very resonable price ($90 + shipping). Almost as good good as the michelins in dry and wet, but not quite as good in snow. Have 30k on them already and still going strong.

Both were fairly quiet and comfortable. Definitely will get the Avids again.
NOTE: Alignment by someone who knows what they are doing is critical. Also tie rods, ball joints and that gel filled bushing. My OEM RSA's got eaten alive before I got everything straightened out.

Just my opinion, but I would stay clear of Khumos and Avons based on what I have heard. I have no knowledge about the T/A's

Good luck

10-05-06, 12:13 PM
Based on what i have heard, I have decided to go with the BF Goodrich Traction T/A's. I have decided to go with H rated (130 mph), and i decided to go a little wider and taller than stock. Stock is 235/45-17, I am going with 245/45-17. Do you think there will be any issues with them rubbing or with strut clearance or anything? I only went one size wider, so that shouldnt matter, right? I am getting them put on mid-late next week, whenever the company gets the tires in. Let me know. Thanks

10-05-06, 02:48 PM
Those 17inch rims you have... stock also ?

10-05-06, 04:14 PM
Yea, that is the stock size on the '01 Catera Sport. The Sport package came stock with 17 inch rims.

10-08-06, 12:02 AM
I have the Continental Extreme Contact tires and I've had them up in a little snow in Tahoe and they were fine. Pretty cheap and about as quiet as the Pilot Sport's I used to have.

As others have said, make sure you get an alignment.

10-18-06, 11:48 AM
Just got a set of 245/45-17's on my '01Sport. It made a world of difference. Only put on about 100 miles, but they are unbeleivable. They are awesome traction in wet, we had rain all yesterday, hard too, and they got traction all the time. They are the widest that these tires come in, which is only one size wider than my stock size, but they look pretty cool. I hope they will have as good of winter traction!!!

10-18-06, 01:59 PM
Just a word of caution. As a rule, fatter tires tend to be worse in the snow. Most snow tire applications use skinnier tires I think. Of course if you have a better tire, then that might overcome the general rule.
Good luck.

10-18-06, 03:38 PM
I forgot to say, they are BFGoodrich Traction T/A's. They are supposed to be a pretty good snow tire, too.

01-14-07, 04:30 PM
I'm a little late joining this thread but figured tires are always worth discussion. Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S are the best All Seasons I've found. I put them on my mother's car. She needed new tires but since she doesn't drive that often, wouldn't let me buy her dedicated snows. Me I prefer them. I went with the Michelin X-Ice all around. I haven't had a chance to test them in the snow with the Globally Warmed Winter we're having. They're great in the rain and stick like glue in the dry but are a little noisy. I can live with it.


Marks DTM Calib
01-15-07, 02:48 AM
I find Michelins to hard, they craze over in about 12 montsh adn casue the back end to slip out to easily....

Best so far for me have been

Continental Premi-contact

But, any good silica based tyre is a good starting point as the wear rate is good and the tyre is quiet....

Make sure your front camber is set to -1 deg and 20 secs to ensure no inner edge scrub....

01-15-07, 08:38 PM
I am a hardcore CONTINENTAL CONTI EXTREME CONTACT fan and I would recommend nothing else. I've been using them for 4-5 years now and they are without a doubt the quietest longest lasting and above excellent traction year round. Look at their reviews on Tirerack.com