: How to change fuel injectors?

10-02-06, 12:46 AM
Finally got a set of used injectors to replace my seeping ones, now how do I go about installing new injectors? Do I have to clean the injectors with carb cleaner first?



10-02-06, 02:38 AM
Asuming that the injectors you bought are good, there is no need to clean them. Just R & R them. If you have to clean them, they are no better than the ones you have.

10-06-06, 05:27 PM
nice, im thinking about replacing my leaky ones. if i can get a good price on them because my car has 150k and no sense getting brand new ones, too expensive. i would like to have a step by step on how to change them.

10-06-06, 07:39 PM
Pretty easy to change out. Disconnect the battery. Locate the fuel rail's shraeder valve (looks like a tire valve). Take a rag, and depress the center thing like you're letting the air out of a tire. Might want to wear eye protection. Collect the gas spray with the rag, and throw it on something you don't mind bursting into flames. If you wait and do this first thing in the morning before driving, there will be no gas pressure.

Next, if you have the plastic fuel rail, you might consider switching to the stainless at this time. Pop the 8 individual lock tabs up, and pull the rail off the manifold. You may need to disconnect the fuel rail to fuel line connectors.

Remove the injector electrical connectors (squeeze down the wire tab and pull off), and take the rail and injectors to some place you don't mind being doused with gas and/or on fire. Outside is good. Tell people not to smoke. ;)

Next take a flat tip screwdriver and pry off the injector retainer clips. Then pull out the injectors. Install new ones with NEW o-rings (you DID buy some, right?) into the fuel rail. Install the retainer clips. Give the injectors a good pull to make sure they won't shoot off if you installed the clip wrong. Adjust or reseat clip if necessary, and repeat until it's solid. Reinstall fuel rail and seat the injectors into the manifold.

Once it's back on, reconnect the battery. Get in the car and turn the key to run. Hear the fuel pump kick on? Turn the key back off. Wait 10 seconds. Do it again. Repeat a couple times to get the air out of the fuel lines. Check under the hood to make sure you don't have any leaks. Then start it up.

10-06-06, 09:49 PM
thanks eldorado1, ive been looking for a guide like this. i need a step by step because i am technically challenged when it comes to this stuff, unless there is a very detailed and easy to follow guide.

10-10-06, 08:51 PM
Thanks for the explaination Eldo1, just curious tho....if you look at my injectors you can see some sludge looking brown stuff on some of them, can I use mineral spirit to clean it off? Also where do I get those o-rings?(no I didn't thought about that:canttalk: )

10-10-06, 09:00 PM
I would use isopropyl alcohol. It won't attack the insulation or plastic. Look for the red bottle of "Iso Heet", it's a winter fuel additive to soak up water. It's 100% isopropanol. Otherwise you're stuck with 91% from the pharmacy.

Be EXTREMELY careful not to knock any dust or sludge into the top of the injector. They are very easy to clog.

The o-rings are available from the dealer, I believe there are different part numbers for the top and bottom o rings. The bottom ones are thinner, don't mix them up.